Best Time to Visit Hunza Valley

Best Time to Visit Hunza Valley: Travel Guide Insider Tips 2024

Hunza valley, lies in the heart of the Himalayan range in Pakistan, it is heaven on earth, with its wonderful landscapes, highest peaks, diverse culture and its destination that attracts the travelers from across the world. If you are thinking when is best time to travel in pakistan, don’t worry, you are landed on right page.

Hunza valley can visit throughout the year but there are some specific months for every season which can be better to visit. Moreover, it will be best for the traveler to visit in summer season because of lush green, snow-covered peaks sparkle under the shining sun.

Overall, travelers can visit throughout the year in specific months of every season. It should be kept in mind while making of plain to visit the Hunza valley they should be fully informed about the weather conditions and accessible to the routes. In this article, we will discuss what are the Best Time to Visit Hunza Valley.

Best Season to Visit Hunza Valley 
Best Season to Visit Hunza Valley 

Best Season to Visit Hunza Valley 

Hunza valley is located at the northern part of Pakistan that is comprise on beautiful lakes, wonderful peaks, colorful wildflowers and many beautiful sites. The people from all around the globe are eager to visit Hunza valley.

Moreover, the people who are adventurer, photographer and nature lover enjoy and explore the Hunza valley with changing weather. Hunza valley offers many indoor and outdoor activities in different season. Here the whole season of year in Hunza valley are mentioned below.

Hunza valley in spring season 

In spring Hunza valley brings beautiful colors and lots of activities to do for the traveler. The best months are march to May to visit the valley. During these months the weather is wonderful and pleasant because of good temperature. 

Spring is the best season for hiking and trekking lover in Hunza valley. Spring season offers the clear trails, comfortable weather, stunning landscapes with lush greenery of gras and blooming flowers. There are many famous treks for the hiking and trekking. Including, passu glacier trek, Ultasar base camp trek, and Rakaposhi base camp trek.

Hunza valley in summer season

Hunza valley is famous for its summer season owing to, summer trekking, boating on Attabad lake. These kinds of activities attract the travelers from across the world to visit Hunza valley. Summer is the best time to visit Hunza valley. 

It is great experience for the visitors to explore the mountains and vibrant blue water during the boating on Attabad lake and trekking in the pleasant weather and wonderful landscapes.

Hunza in autumn season 

Autumn begins with the start of September and it lasts till the November before the starting of winter season. Autumn is famous for autumnal colors and pleasant weather because leaves of trees change into different colors red, blue, yellow. Changing color of leaves makes the contrast against the towering mountains.

It is best season for the visitor, to explore the pleasant cool weather, with crisp morning and sunny afternoon.

Hunza in winter season 

Season of winter starts after the autumn. Weather suddenly changes into cold temperature and snow capped the mountains. Unique winter activities attract the travelers to visit the Hunza valley in winter season.

It is the best time to visit Hunza valley, to explore the new thing with covered snow. Mostly, photographer, nature lover, and adventurer like to come visit the Hunza valley.

Weather Conditions in Hunza Valley

Weather conditions remains different in different season. All seasons offers specific months to visit the Hunza valley. Visitors must aware about the general climate, expected conditions by season before visiting the Hunza valley.

Rain shadow effects the local weather particularly snowfall. Therefore, travelers must understand the weather conditions before plaining to visit Hunza valley.

Moreover, high altitude climate can impact of altitude on temperature and visitor experience. The expectations of visitor may not may not fulfill with high altitude climate. Therefore, it is necessary for the travelers to be informed about the weather conditions.

Best Months to Visit Hunza Valley
Best Months to Visit Hunza Valley

Best Months to Visit Hunza Valley

By analyzing the Hunza valley in different season and months may have different experience to visit the valley. It can be different weather system in Hunza valley, Hunza in May, Hunza in July, Hunza in September Hunza in march Hunza in November. 

  • Hunza Valley in March, temperature rises and snow melts which brings the flock of people to visit the Hunza valley in march.
  • Hunza Valley in May Hunza valley spreads with color of springs, like cherry blossoms and apricot trees makes more beautiful the landscape of valley for the visitors.
  • Hunza Valley in July provides warm weather in which visitors enjoy the outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking and boating. Owing to lush greenery in the valley makes happier to visitors.
  • Hunza Valley in September, it starts the season of autumn which brings the new changes in the color of leaves and it contrast against the landscape of mountains. 
  • Hunza Valley in November ends the season of autumn, in which snowfall starts in valley which gradually, covers the entire region.

Tourist Activities by Season 

Hunza valley offers many tourist activities by different season. It offers the Hiking, Trekking, Boating, Skiing, and Photography of the most beautiful colors of the valley. The beauty of Hunza valley attracts the adventurer, nature lover, photographer from across the globe.

In summer, Hunza valley offers most of the outdoor activities as weather is normal and lush green scenery enthuses the visitor for trekking in Hunza, its best season for trekking and specific routes like Rakaposhi base camp, boating on Attabad lake in May, June and July these are optimal months for boating and water activities.

Spring offers many cultural festivals in Hunza. The times for local festivals and cultural events like, cheery blossoms festival, apricot blossoms are mainly the months of February to May.

Additionally, best months for seeing specific wildlife in the wildlife spotting in khunjerab national parks are the months of mainly, December to February. The snow bears and deer and many wild birds comes out in park and entertains the visitors.

Local Insights in Hunza Valley

In Hunza valley, people have rich history of local culture and traditions. The people are humbler and more hospitable towards visitors. Hunza valley is famous for its local foods like, chapsuro and apricot based treats they often offer to visitors.

Agriculture cycles in Hunza are deeply endorsed with the unique climate and geography of the regions. Farmer plants their crop of apricots and apples blossoms as temperature rise and snow melts flow down towards in the fields. The season of blossoms makes the valley beautiful.

Moreover, in the season of Summer from June to august farmer cultivate many crops like, barely, wheat, maize and vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes by the melting glaciers which supply the water for fields.

In Autumn, temperature gradually freezing down and it is the time to reap for fruits, vegetables and many other crops.

And finally comes winter it is time for the rest of farmer. They eat dry fruit and meat of yolk in these days. In this way cycle of agriculture ends.

local customs changes according to the season like as spring comes and snow starts melting, they celebrate the festival, like Jashn e Baharan.

In summer, the farmer remains busy in tending the fields and prepare themselves for the upcoming harvest. And then they celebrate the festival of ‘beyar’ summer festival.

In Autumn, the people of Hunza valley prepare for the harvest the crop and they follow the custom of gathering of crops.

Finally, Winter comes and snow covers the higher peaks gradually, life slow down owing to dropping temperature. People get to gather in the houses of one another and follow the custom of storytelling, music and indoor games.


Overall, the best time to visit Hunza valley is all season of year. You will find the beautiful spots and changing lifestyle according with changes in season. Hunza valley is the favorite place for the visitor for the activity like, hiking, trekking, boating etc.


What is the best time to visit Hunza valley?

April to October is generally considered as the best time to visit in Hunza valley. In these days, weather is pleasant with lush greenery and changes color in autumn attracts the visitors.

Is there a specific month to visit Hunza valley?

Every season offers beautiful places to visit Hunza valley but April and May to be the best month to visit Hunza valley.

What is the weather like in Hunza valley during the visitor season?

April to October months consider as the best tourist season because temperature rise from cold to warm. This season offers variety of activities to do.

Is it possible to visit Hunza valley in the season of winter?

Yes, in winter many visitors come to visit the Hunza valley because they love snow falling but before plaining there should be information about the weather condition and accessibility towards routes. 

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