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How ATT was Formed

Adventurer Treks and Tours (ATT) was founded by Mr. Omar Javaid, who has a deep love for traveling. The journey of attachment towards tourism began in childhood when he and his father visited Murree, a hill station in Gillyat, Pakistan with his family. He always aspired to explore more scenic and adventurous locations that were not frequently visited.

Over time, he gained college admission and embarked on a College Tour, exploring various Pakistani regions. He soon realized that his love for tourism was intractable, having been confined for a long time. As a travel enthusiast, he has experienced camping under the sky and trekking, preserving many special memories in his heart.

His passion for travel extends beyond Pakistan, encompassing trips to Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand, and Turkey to satisfy his thirst for international experiences. The founder of ATT aimed to expand his travels, transforming his passion into a profession. ATT, established in 2009, aims to offer top-notch tourism services to travel enthusiasts.

Who Are We?

Adventurer Treks offers competitive prices for both domestic and international tours, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for travelers. Customers can customize packages during the booking process, paying for the services they initially requested. We are committed to delivering our commitments to our customers, ensuring a wonderful travel experience. Enjoy the natural beauty of Skardu, Fairy Meadows, Swat, and Naran-Kaghan with your family.

Every tourist destination is worth visiting once in a lifetime. If you’re worried about being alone in a new country, don’t worry; simply relax and plan your trip with us. We provide safe international tours to Dubai, Maldives, Turkey, Baku, and Malaysia, ensuring your safety and comfort. So don’t delay and Book your trips now.

We have consistently provided exceptional customer service while considering the various tour price brackets. This is the result of the collective efforts of my team who have been working day and night to plan everything in the best possible way. Our team is dedicated to helping clients plan their trips, as they share a passion for travel themselves.

Adventurer Treks employees are professional travelers with extensive knowledge of various destinations, enhancing their curiosity and enthusiasm for exploring new experiences.

Their passion for traveling to new places is peerless. This has been the prime reason why they have been a part of this team that strives to make premier tours for their customers at the most economical price. 

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