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Pakistan Tour Packages

Adventure Treks and Tours, a top-notch tour destination, is blessed with breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. With our exclusive and discounted Pakistan Tour Packages, you can explore the beauty of this country and experience hospitality in every corner. So, get ready to create unforgettable memories with our wide-range of customized tour packages (family tours, honeymoon getaways, and private group adventures)

Craving for Your Dream Holiday: Let Us Plan a Customized Tour – For You

Diverse Country. Explore Pakistan Tour Packages

Known for its remarkable diversity, Pakistan is truly a one-of-a-kind destination. Within its borders lie hidden gems. The magical Hunza Valley, situated in the Karakoram Range, offers breath-taking scenery and warm hospitality. Kalash tribes, and Wakahi community in Hunza gives a glimpse into a diverse culture of Pakistan’s north. Home to some of the world’s highest peaks including K2, and the unique high-altitude plateau, Deosai Meadows, Pakistan is a captivating destination for travelers.

Ultimate Dream Place of Every Traveller

Your travel portfolio isn’t truly complete without exploring the northern gems of Pakistan – a dream destination for every adventure seeker, nature lovers, and travel enthusiasts. With a population of 220 million, Pakistan is a melting pot of rich culture, vibrant communities, and adventurous youth. The contrast of cold and hot deserts, towering peaks, diverse seasons, untouched beaches, and a cuisine so vast, there is nothing a traveler wouldn’t find in Pakistan.

Get on this adventure with us to discover the best of Pakistan. Choose from our wide range of customized Pakistan holiday packages.

Leading Tourism Company in Pakistan

Discover the magic of Pakistan with Adventurer Treks and Tours, a prominent name in the Pakistan Tourism Industry licensed under #9428. We take great pride in pioneering custom tour packages for Pakistan, providing well-planned itineraries for each client. Our extensive range of packages include.

Affordable Pakistan Travel Packages

Blessed with beautiful mountainous regions, and despite global inflation, we remain cost-effective, offering affordable Pak tour packages to our clients.  Our dedicated sales team consistently update Pakistan tour packages prices on our website for each tour package. Additionally, you can also get answers to your price related queries directly from our Facebook page and WhatsApp.

We team members have years of experience and expertise in the remote regions of Pakistan. Every itinerary they craft is perfected to ensure an exclusive experience for our clients. The CEO of Adventurer Treks and Tours is actively involved in preparing the perfect holiday packages for each client.

Get in touch with us, and our dedicated sales team is ready to assist you in creating affordable customized domestic holiday package for you, including family holidays, honeymoon tours, corporate getaways, team-building sessions, and exciting adventure trips.

Choose Adventurer Treks and Tours for a journey filled with unforgettable memories.

Planning a Trip to Pakistan? Discover the Best Time to Book Your Tour

Experience the Diversity

No matter the season you choose to visit Pakistan, you’re in for a multi-faceted journey. While Karachi and Lahore may be immersed in heat waves, the Pakistan-China border, on the other hand, might have snow. So, whether you’re yearning to feel the vibrant energy of Pakistan’s biggest cities, or explore the snowy charm of North Pakistan, we offer best Tour Packages Pakistan catering to all your preferences.

Explore our wide range of Pakistan Tour Packages

Our travel packages are available year-round, covering all seasons of Pakistan. From summer getaways in the mountain valley, to autumn charm spread across the country, from winter bliss, to spring trips, our affordable travel and tour packages have it all.

For an unforgettable trip to Hunza Nagar Valley, plan your trip with us during summer, particularly in June and July. You will find pleasant weather, with the beauty of valley in full bloom. You can enjoy the taste of famous Hunza apricots, and engage in some exciting trekking and hiking trips.  Neelum Valley is another enjoyable spot in summers.

If you want to visit Skardu Baltistan Valley, we suggest you to plan your trip with us from May to August. Witness the majestic peaks, and glaciers of the region while exploring the unique blend of Tibetan and Kashmiri culture.

The valley of Naran Kaghan is a highly preferred destination for Pakistani tourists, seeking the peace of mountain region. Tourists visit the valley from May to late September to experience a cool retreat during the hot summers of Pakistan. Our Naran Kaghan tour packages offer a wide range of fun and adventurous activities, including visiting lakes, witnessing peaks and adventurous trails.

Shogran, nestled in the Naran Kaghan Valley remains open throughout the year. The temperature drops to sub-zero in December and January, but that doesn’t stop the travellers from all over Pakistan who come to witness the winter glory of this beautiful destination. It is an excellent choice for tourists seeking an adventurous escape during the off season.

Choice for International Travellers – Trusted Tour Operator

Reputed Tourism Company for Pakistan Tour Packages

If you’re looking for a reliable and well-reputed tour company for your adventures in Pakistan, search no more as Adventurer Treks and Tours is a trusted and famous name in the tourism industry for foreigners. As a licensed tourism company (License #9428), we specialize in providing romantic honeymoon getaways, thrilling adventure trips, and cultural tours to northern Pakistan.

Here are a few reasons why Adventurer Treks and Tours is a premium choice for international travelers seeking to uncover the beauty and diversity of Pakistan.

Trusted Tour Operator for International Explorers – Pakistan Tour Packages

With a decade long presence in the Pakistan Travel Industry, we have successfully created memorable journeys for our clients from all over the world. Our dedicated team of experienced tour guides, and professional drivers are committed to providing excellent services to all our clients. For your convenience, we have 24/7 customer service to assist you with your concerns and inquiries related to travel and tours.

Perfect Accommodation for Unforgettable Moments – Travel and Tours

Your comfort is our top priority, especially when choosing the perfect accommodation for your trip. Whether you desire to stay in luxurious hotels, camping sites, or guest houses, we make the best arrangements that suit your preference and budget.

Customized  Tour Packages for Pakistan

Plan the trip of your dreams with our customized packages tailored to your interests, preferences and above all, your budget. You can choose from our diverse range of tour packages covering the most famous and best tourist spots in Northern Pakistan, including Fairy Meadows, Hunza, Neelum, Swat, and Naran Kaghan Valley.

Imagine enjoying outdoor activities in the middle of mountainous regions and greenery all around. We arrange all the fun activities on your tour including camping, fishing, trekking, exploration and star gazing and other cultural events.

The natural wonders of Pakistan await you – Rakaposhi Peak, Katpana Desert, Shangrila Resort, Attabad Lake; there is so much to explore.

Experience Stress-Free Travel with Us

When you choose Adventurer Treks and Tours for your trip, leave all your travel concerns behind as we leave no loopholes. Sit, Relax and Enjoy your dream vacation to the fullest, as we take care of everything for you. From flight reservations to hotel booking, from airport pickups and transfers to entry permits, our dedicated team members take charge of everything.

Our experienced team offers travel advice and complete guidelines to help you make the most of your vacation. Just pack your bags and get ready for an amazing adventure!

Experience Pakistan Safely with Us

For us, safety and protection of our international travelers is above everything else, and as your trusted tour operator, we want to assure you that you are in good hands. Our commitment to your safety goes beyond mere words, as we maintain constant communication with our extensive network of reliable companions to provide swift solutions to any unforeseen circumstances.

Rest assured; we always have a backup plan in place in order to handle emergencies effectively.


For over three decades now, France has been the most visited country in the world. This nation has a lot to offer tourists of all interests, including beautiful natural areas, vibrant cities with a diverse range of cultures and cuisines, and charming old towns.

For the fourteenth consecutive year, Iceland is the world’s safest country, according to the Global Peace Index.

A travel planner will arrange for all of the trip’s logistics, such as lodging, airfare, transfers, hotels, and activities. Travel agents are qualified to assist customers in selecting the most suitable travel itinerary and to respond to inquiries about a particular location.

Easy access to the most popular tourist destinations is one of the benefits of booking a trip through a travel company that is highly valued by travelers. Travel companies typically have plans in place that give their customers quick and simple access to the most well-liked tourist destinations.

When people travel in groups, they always make connections with people they never would have at home. The people we encounter and get to know when we go away from our comfortable surroundings can greatly improve tolerance, humanity, and comprehension on a national and international level.

Taking parts in the journey through Pakistan is an impressive adventure due to the nation being an area of varied landscapes and an inheritance of culture that is rich. The beautiful Karakoram Range majestically covers the land on one side and the rich communities of valleys dominate its other side. Thus Pakistan offers many attractions for the visitors. Among so many places to visit, the majestic Hunza Valley that thrills you with its unmatched scenery and welcoming people, and the marvelous tribes of Kalash and Wakahi, merely scratch the surface of what is it to be in Pakistan. Furthermore, it is a country full of amazing types of terrain, such as K2, the world’s second tallest mountain and breathtaking places like the Deosai Meadows. Tour options to Pakistan allow travelers to be part of this enchanting place thus reason they will have some unforgettable memories in the end as well as they will more likely get belong to the new culture.

Pakistan offers a travelling option to the daycare, which is worth the money spent on. The tours are still budget-friendly, and the packages provided by companies like Adventurer Treks and Tours are pretty affordable. Besides, this company remains a leader for the local tour packagers to move price to an updated level on a regular basis while providing customers with various communication channels stands to guarantee that travelers receive a fair treatment and can freely access the internet. Through their years of practice while travelling in the different part of Pakistan, tour agencies can plan costs in a way that they yield the maximum level of experience for their clients. Generally, although travel budgets for people could really differ, Pakistan’s affordability really makes it an interesting place to go in order to explore its nature and culture without really spending much money.


The ideal time to book Pakistan travel packages will depend on personal preferences and the experiences you hope to have. Hunza Nagar Valley, for example, is at its best in the summer months of June and July, when the weather is pleasant and the landscape is in bloom, making it the perfect place for outdoor activities and cultural exploration. It is best to visit the Skardu Baltistan Valley between May and August to take in its striking peaks and distinctive blend of cultures. In contrast, the Naran Kaghan Valley draws visitors from May through late September, offering a variety of exciting activities as well as a refreshing haven during the sweltering summer months. In the meantime, Shogran in the Naran Kaghan Valley is open all year round, and travelers who are feeling particularly daring may enjoy its unique charm during the winter.


There are numerous trips to Pakistan that depart in March, providing visitors with a range of experiences. For example, March is the start of Pakistan’s spring season, which makes it a great time to visit places like the Hunza Valley. Travelers can enjoy the valley’s beautiful weather, blooming flowers, and abundant greenery during this time of year. March is also a good month to go on cultural tours to places like Lahore and Islamabad, where visitors can see museums, bustling marketplaces, and historical sites. March is a popular month for trekking excursions because these areas, which offer stunning views of snow-capped peaks and pristine landscapes, are Naran Kaghan Valley and Swat Valley.


There are many different trips to Pakistan available in April to suit a variety of interests and preferences. April brings perfect weather for outdoor activities and traveling across the nation as spring arrives. Travelers often choose to visit the charming Neelum Valley in April, which is well known for its peaceful surroundings and breathtaking views. Furthermore, April is a great time to visit cultural areas of concern like Lahore and Karachi, where visitors can fully experience Pakistan’s rich history, architecture, and cuisine. Trekking trips to areas such as Skardu Valley and Fairy Meadow are also highly recommended in April, as they provide breathtaking views of meadows, valleys, and mountains covered in blooming flowers.


To find a balancing tour package, you need to carry out a research thoroughly by keeping the different parameters in mind, which will make your travel quality and memorable. The travelers initially should think of their main preferences like it can be hiking in nature, local culture experience, or they prefer adventure stuff. Research becomes important when tastes have already been set. Finding legitimate tour operators to learn about available packages from them, like Adventurer Treks and Tours, is the next step. Careful planning of the trip route, the consideration of different options for where to stay and what to include or exclude in a package is of utmost importance to make sure that there is an alignment with personal tastes and budget. Among other things, reading reviews and testimonials from travelers who have previously used such services can be beneficial as it offers information about the service quality from the tour operator and insights into the previous customer’s satisfaction. 


One of the best months for travelers to discover the spectacular side of Pakistan is June, when some of the most interesting fancy destinations in the country are available for enjoyment. In addition to the other perfect Pakistan Tours in June, the unreal Hunza Valley at the same time remains in the sublime category. Noted for its incredible beauty which are characterized by the wilderness, green environment and inviting nature of the people of Hunza valley one realizes this during a visit to the region. Visitors can learn more about this valley and possibly get acquainted with the local culture, traditional landmarks, and engaging outdoor activities that include hiking and sightseeing. To add on, June is a great time to delve yourself into a cultural tour to Lahore, considered as the cultural capital of Pakistan where you can ream the ancient architecture, busy markets and exotic culinary.


Nevertheless, the month of June makes it possible for travelers to delve deep into the best of Pakistan’s diverse culture, be it the historical sites or the magnificent sceneries. It is hard to imagine a better place to go in June than the beautiful Hunza valley, a prime site of Paksitan Tours. Just like the undulating landscape, a unique atmosphere of lush greenery and love can be felt in this part of the world and it is a serene area in the midst of snow-clad mountains. Travelers can plunge themselves into valley’s rich cultural life, find its historical sites, and engage in different activities such as trekking and sightseeing. The month of June offers you an excellent opportunity to take a cultural tour of Lahore, Pakistan’s cultural capital. In this tour you will interact with architectural greatness, shopping in vivid markets and tasting splendid food. For nature lovers trekking tours to the most remote locations like NaranKaghan Valley and Fairy Meadows open amazing pictures of white summits, virgin valleys and flower fields which are painted with a variety of colors. 


November, winter in Pakistan, starts year, traveling and touring some of the country’s magical winter destinations through this season is a big opportunity for us. A well as the definite best winter tour this November is the one that Date Naran to Kaghan Valley. The Naran Kaghan Valley, that is the winter wonderland during this period, turns a white steeled getting rid of of snowy lands, frozen lakes, and bracing mountain air creating an enchanting environment of magic. Visitors of the valley can relish in activities such as skiing, snowboarding, or snow trekking. They could also stay in the chilling temperature and take in the gorgeous views of the icy mountain top. Furthermore, indications are that in November one can have the advantage of visiting people’s Murree and Nathiagali famous for their pleasing landscape and atmosphere which are alluring.

Certainly, we have the perfect option for you if you are looking for a winter Adventure trip that is full of adventures and experience in Pakistan with Adventurer Treks and Tours in December and January.

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