Why to Book Hunza Valley Tour Packages 2024 – All You Need to Know

Located in the northernmost region of Pakistan, Hunza is known as the Heaven on Earth. Thousands of travelers visit this region every year to explore the timeless beauty of Hunza. 

The most sought-after tourist destination in Pakistan, Hunza Valley has it all – majestic mountain ranges, stunning landscapes, ancient forts, rich culture, and delicious local food. 

With our exclusive and discounted Hunza Travel Packages, you can explore this fairytale paradise and make unforgettable memories.

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In a Glimpse – Hunza Trip

A place straight out of a fairy tale, a 5-day trip to Hunza Valley using Hunza Valley Tour Packages is enough to make all your worries fade away. This beautiful valley is divided into three regions: Upper Hunza, Central Hunza and Lower Hunza. These three regions are further divided into multiple beautiful villages and towns. Book best Hunza Tour Packages from our wide range of catalogue.

Upper Hunza

Named as Gojal Valley has old Wakhi Houses with strong ties to the central Asian countries. The people of Gojal Valley are extremely hospitable and educated. You will experience different languages, local cuisines and a rich local culture in upper Hunza.

Central Hunza

Famous for its historical landmarks, Altit and Baltit Fort overlooking Karimabad. These two forts are truly the most prominent locations in Hunza Valley, and the best places to visit Hunza Valley for tourists.

Lower Hunza

Borders Nagar Valley to the east and south and is famous for mulberries and high-quality grapes.

The Weather in Hunza Valley

If you’re curious about which season is the best to plan your Hunza Valley Tour, here’s what you need to know. Temperature in Hunza fluctuates throughout the year and the best time to visit Hunza Valley is from April till the end of October. Weather remains pleasant during this period and you can enjoy all the tourist activities on your Hunza Tour.

Summer months (June to September) are ideal, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C. Tourists enjoy many adventure activities during these months such as hiking, trekking, mountaineering and water rafting. For local experience, tourists visit the famous local bazaars, historical sites, and try the most famous Hunza Valley local food.

Winters bring a chilly charm to the Hunza Valley by transforming the region into a winter wonderland. With temperatures dropping to -10°C to -5°C, it becomes the best place to enjoy winter activities like skiing. Whether you just and admire the snow-capped mountains or cozy up by the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee, Hunza Valley offers a magical winter experience.

Weather in Hunza Valley

Reach Hunza Valley – Hunza Valley Tour

When planning a trip to Hunza Travel package from Lahore, Karachi or from any part of Pakistan, our diverse range of Hunza Tour Packages can always provide you with all the guidance on routes, and travel itinerary to make your journey seamless and enjoyable.

Hunza Valley is vast, with numerous tourist attractions to explore. If you want to make the best out of your trip, and have a convenient and smooth experience, consider opting for tour packages, especially if you’re travelling with family.

These packages cover everything for you, including transportation, accommodation, guided tours to must-visit spots, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

We offer multiple customized and private Hunza Travel packages to accommodate various budgets and preferences. Take the time to research and select the Hunza Package that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Must-try Activities in Hunza

Many people visit Hunza Valley to capture the picturesque landscapes, and experience the beauty of natural gardens, lakes and wildlife. Others visit to get away from their busy and mundane life, and enjoy some quality time with their family.

Regardless of the motivation for visiting, some of the most renowned and commonly pursued tourist activities in Hunza Valley are:

  • Climbing Baltit Fort (9 AM) Visiting Baltit Fort early in the morning provides a breath-taking panorama of Karimabad. This fort has been standing overlooking the valley for more than 700 years and holds a great significance for the locals.
  • Rakaposhi Mountain View at Sunrise (6AM)
    Karimabad town offers spectacular views to the world’s highest mountain peaks, including the stunning Rakaposhi (7,788m). The sunrise view at Rakaposhi is a compelling reason to wake up at 6 AM, and witness the towering, pristine form of this majestic mountain.
  • ‘Gyal’ – A Local Hunza Breakfast (7AM)
    Gyal is a traditional local breakfast food, quite famous in the Hunza Valley, it is made of wheat pan-fried cakes with honey or fruit jam and the local favorite ingredient, apricot oil.
  • Eagle’s Nest The highest viewpoint of the Hunza Valley, that offers mesmerizing views.

Lakes of Hunza Valley – Must visit in Hunza Family Tour

Among its many wonders, Hunza Valley is famous for its serene lakes that captivates the hearts of its visitors.

  • Attabad Lake:

A true marvel of nature, Attabad Lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Gilgit Baltistan region. The shimmering turquoise lake against the backdrop of towering mountains offers its visitors with an unforgettable view. Tourists enjoy many recreational activities on and around the lake, such as boating and jet skiing.

  • Borith Lake:

Another magical lake that should unquestionably be included in your Hunza itinerary. Located in Upper Hunza, Borith lake is surrounded by lush green meadows, and snow-capped mountains, making this high-altitude lake a must-visit place in Hunza. If you’re a birdwatcher, there’s a chance to observe diverse migratory birds.

  • Passu Cones and Lake:

Don’t forget to experience the enchanting Passu Cones, a series of splendid peaks, creating a magical backdrop for the serene lake in Passu Village. This beautiful blend of lofty summits and calm waters allows tourists to witness a postcard worthy landscape.

You can take peaceful walks along the lakeside, or just relish the awe-inspiring view sitting back. The best thing about this lake is the mirror-like reflection of Passu Cones in the calm lake water, offering tourists a surreal visual treat.

  • Rush Lake:

For all the adventure enthusiasts, we recommend you to visit Rusk Lake. It is one of the highest alpine lakes in the world, located at 4,694 meters (15,397 feet). A popular destination for trekkers, rush lake offers breath-taking views of glaciers, valleys and snow-covered peaks.

Best Hotels in Hunza – Hunza Travel Packages

Choosing where to stay during your vacation is a really important part of planning your trip. If you are traveling to Hunza Valley and are confused about your accommodation options, here is a list of the best hotels in Hunza Valley that offer incredible views of the valley right from the room.

  • Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort:

Truly the most famous and luxurious hotel in Hunza Valley is Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort. This five-star resort provide modern and elegantly designed rooms and suites offering magnificent views of Attabad lake and surrounding mountains. The world-class amenities provided in the hotel, with classic wooden decoration and modern interior in each room makes it a truly enchanting place to stay.

  • Serena Hunza:

On second we suggest Serena Inn, which stands as one of the top hotels in Hunza Valley, situated in Karimabad. This five-star hotel has its own traditional charm, that offers its guests with spacious rooms with stunning views of lush fields, snow-covered Rakaposhi mountain and clear blue sky. Multiple dining options are available in this luxurious hotel, serving both local and international cuisines. With its well-appointed rooms, intricately crafted wooden furniture, and contemporary amenities, Serena Hotel is the preferred accommodation for many foreign travelers.

  • Eagle Nest Hunza:

One of the first hotels in Hunza, situated on a hilltop, Eagle Nest Hotel offers panoramic views of the entire valley. Located in the Duiker area of Altit, away from all the hustle and bustle of Central Hunza Valley, this hotel is famous for its sunrise and sunset views from the balcony of any room. The hotel has comfortable rooms with traditional décor and modern amenities, and you can enjoy delicious local cuisines at the rooftop restaurant. If you’re on a Hunza Family Tour, the hotel offers several outdoor activities for children and adults.

  • Darbar Hotel Hunza:

The charming boutique hotel, located in the heart of Karimabad, the capital of Hunza District, offers modern facilities with traditional architecture to provide guests a unique experience. The accommodation options at Darbar Hunza Hotel include suites, double rooms, and single rooms. One of the highlights is the rooftop terrace, which offers stunning panoramic views of the majestic Karakoram Range and the iconic Baltit Fort. If you want to experience the vibrant culture and rich heritage of Hunza Valley, Darbar Hotel is conveniently located at the heart of it all.

Famous Festivals in Hunza Valley

Besides its scenic beauty, Hunza Valley is famous for its cultural festivals. Tourists from all over Pakistan plan their trips to Hunza during specific cultural events to experience the authentic Hunza Culture.

  • Thukhum Rezi Hunza Festival

Celebrated to mark the beginning of the agricultural season, this event takes place between March 5th and 8th. The festival includes traditional polo matches, local music and dance performance and symbolic farming activities. During this time, every household prepares and shares traditional local dishes like baat, khista and semn. This festival ends with collective prayers, fostering a sense of peace and love in the valley.

  • Shimshal Kuch Festival

Another famous festival, Shimshal Kuch, is celebrated in the Upper Hunza region to express gratitude to God by sacrificing goats on the occasion of families and their cattle being reunited after spending five months in the Pamirs. It takes place from 15th to 18th October in the beautiful Shimshal Valley.

  • Chineer Hunza Festival

A special festival celebrated during the first week of July when the barley crop is ripe. Families led by head of their household, all come together in the fields to gather and bake the barley. After completing the work, families greet each other by saying ‘Chineer Mubarak’, and visit their relatives with traditional dishes and pray for better crops.

  • Baba Ghundhi Hunza Festival:

This festival is celebrated from July 21st to 23rd at the shrine of Buzrug Baba Gundi, to honour the service of Baba Gundi who is a Sufi saint and is famous for spreading Islam in the upper Gojal region. Various sports activities including polo, yak races, and tug of war are played during the event. The Wakhi people are gathered on this event to revive the old-age trade traditions.

  • Plan Your Journey:

Book a Trip to Hunza with Us. Let the magic of this fairy-tale destination unfold by planning your trip with us to experience the serene beauty of Hunza Valley. Our private Hunza Tour Packages ensure that you have the best travel experience, allowing you to explore the valley’s top tourist spots hassle-free.

Want to Explore Pakistan Breathings Beauty?

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A visit to Hunza usually costs in between $500 to $1500 per head covering a period of 3 to 7 days. This can range from transportation costs, accommodation, meal allowances, activities and all the random costs! Prices may fluctuate depending on the duration of stay, the accommodation preferences, the system of transportation or the activities intended.

 To arrange a trip to Hunza, first thing you should decide upon what dates are you going to travel that will give you the best weather between April and October. Set a budget by noting the anticipated costs for transportation, accommodation, food, activities, and miscellaneous expenses. Book your flights or arrange transportation go Gilgit and and then look for accommodation depending on your budget and taste. Plan and outline your itinerary and activities with events and places you can’t miss such as forts, lakes and festivals. Make sure you have all the necessities packed up including clothes, gear and travel papers, and don’t forget to add health documents too.

The best time to visit Hunza is April, May, June, July, August, September, and October. During this time of the year, the weather is nice, so it gives you a chance to be outside. Moreover, most of Hunza’s attractions including lakes, forts and festivals become the primary ones during these months. Despite this note, remember that the weather can be changeable, thus, it’s better to look at the forecast before the trip.

Yes, Hunza Valley should be included in the list of places to travel to. Named “The Earthly Paradise,” Hunza is the perfect place where spectacular mountain ranges, awesome landscapes, and peaceful lakes make it seem as one is almost in heaven. Another asset of the town is the rich cultural legacy which has monuments like Altit and Baltit Forts in it. Besides, this area can offer various outdoor activities that include trekking, hiking, and experiencing the local festivals. 

One of the ways of getting to Hunza Valley in Pakistan is by combining several routes that depend on your location. Being an international traveler, your options for airports is either Islamabad or Gilgit, which are the nearest airports to the Hunza. From there you can either take a internal flight in order to get to Gilgit or go with a drive along the Karakoram Highway which is scenic. The buses as well travel from the major cities, like Islamabad and Lahore, to Gilgit. Upon arrival to Gilgit, one can take a taxi or a bus to Hunza Valley and enjoy the awesome trip through the mountain range of Karakoram.

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