Why to Book Dubai Tour Packages 2024 – All You Need to Know

Located in the southern shore of Absheron Peninsula, Azerbaijan, Baku is known as the Ecstasy on Earth. Thousands of travelers visit this region every year to explore the timeless beauty of Baku. The most sought-after tourist destination in Azerbaijan, Baku has it all – majestic coastal setting, stunning landscapes, Historic core, Modern skyline, rich culture, and delicious local food. 

With our exclusive and discounted Baku Travel Packages, you can explore this fairytale paradise and make unforgettable memories.

Luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, known for its sail-shaped design and opulent amenities.

In a Glimpse – Dubai Trip

Begin a journey that you will cherish forever with our exclusive Dubai tour packages that will show you the magnificence of this cosmopolitan city in its best light. Our Dubai travel packages are carefully designed to provide unmatched services that make the journey smooth and rewarding. Whether you are planning to marvel at the iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall or you want to experience the thrill of desert safaris and luxury shopping, Dubai offers a colorful array of experiences, which are tailor-made for every traveler.

 No matter if you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or cultural immersion, our Dubai tour is formulated to cover everything you wanted to experience. Experience the magic of Dubai with our unique itineraries, and you will cherish these moments for a lifetime.

The Weather in Dubai

Spring (March to May): Dubai welcomes the spring season with mild and pleasant weather, which varies from comfortable to warm temperature. It’s a nice time to visit the city as the city comes alive with outdoor events and activities and you can enjoy the lovely days without the intense heat of summer.

Summer (June to August): It is during Dubai’s summer when there are extremely high temperatures and high humidity levels thus making the summer the hottest season. Daytime temperatures usually get to the 40°C (104°F) or more, so being hydrated and seeking shade when staying outdoors is a must. 

Autumn (September to November): The relief from summer heat is what autumn brings with the heat gradually decreasing in temperature. The weather becomes pleasant, with warmer days and sometimes rain. It’s convenient to enjoy activities in the outdoors and the good weather is perfect for outdoor dining experience in Dubai.

Winter (December to February): Dubai is the best place to go in winter, with mild temperatures and loads of sunlight. Around 25°C (77°F) is a reasonable temperature by day, which makes the city ideal for outdoor activities like beach hangouts, desert escapades and sightseeing expeditions.

Trip in Dubai

Reach Dubai – Dubai Tour Packages

Wander through the captivating beauties of Dubai, which boasts an array of attractions to satisfy the needs of every traveler. Selecting Dubai tour packages is a sure way to fully discover and appreciate the marvels of this vibrant city. Hence, families are assured of a hassle-free and enjoyable travel, when they embark on an adventure. 

Whether from Pakistan to Dubai, we have carefully organized Dubai tour packages that involve making a combination of the best lodging, traveling and guided tours to top 10 sights in Dubai. Carefully browse and book the Dubai tour package that equates to your interest and that is guaranteed to make your visit memorable and pleasant once in this paradise like destination.

Must-Try Activities in Dubai

Desert Safari: Feel the excitement of crossing the Arabian deserts on camel rides during your desert safari. Experience the desert adventures like dune bashing, camel riding, and authentic Arabian entertainment while you have fun in these desert sceneries.

Burj Khalifa Observation Deck: Summit to the sky at the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Come to the 124th floor to experience the unrivaled 360-degree view of Dubai skyline and farther, visualizing the whole city in a totally different angle.

Dubai Mall: Enjoy a luxurious shopping trip at the Dubai mall, the world’s largest shopping mall. Take the opportunity to visit numerous shopping malls, entertainment venues, and restaurants, including the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which is a famous destination.
Dhow Cruise Dinner: Take a traditional dhow cruise ride along the Dubai’s waterfront and enjoy a scrumptious dinner under the twinkling stars. Get entertained by the city’s landscape with lights at night with various cuisines.

Ski Dubai: Beat standing the desert heat – and take snow-sports outdoors at Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. 

Dubai Fountain Show: Enjoy the magical Dubai Fountain Show, a water, music and light performance at the lower end of the fabulous Burj Khalifa. Gaze at the synchronized frenzy of the dancing fountains choreographed to different melodies making the whole experience one of a kind and unique.

Heritage and Cultural Tours: Experience Dubai’s age-old heritage and culture by following a tour of historic sites including Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai Museum and other traditional places at Bastakiya. 

Best Hotels in Dubai – Dubai Travel Packages

  • Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Experience the high level of opulence at The Burj Al Arab, the legendary hotel. Located on its own island, this 7-star hotel features luxurious suites, only excellent dining options, and captivating gulf views. Treat yourself with unique hospitality and personalized service in one of the wonders of the world.

  • Atlantis, the Palm

Explore the magical world of adventure and rest at Atlantis, The Palm. Settled on the impressive Palm Jumeirah Island, this 5-star resort has comfortable rooms, a huge waterpark, immaculate seashores, and a wide range of restaurants and entertainment venues. 

  • The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

Indulge yourself with the luxury of Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, on the beaches of the Arabian Gulf. This sophisticated beachfront hotel provides rooms of spacious size, distinguished restaurants, relaxing treatment at the spa and you can be the only one who will have the access to a private beach. Sink into the luxurious Ritz-Carlton hospitality and live the memories for a lifetime.

  • JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Experience the five-star luxury of JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai and take in the views from the world’s tallest hotel. With gorgeous rooms, top class dining and the best amenities, this high-end hotel provides a stylish escape right in the city’s centre. 

  • Armani Hotel Dubai

Allow yourself to be part of the perfect mix of elegance and sophistication at the Armani Hotel Dubai. Located in the landmark Burj Khalifa, the glamorous hotel has chic rooms, culinary experiences of finest quality and the Armani/SPA is privately owned. 

Famous Festivals in Dubai

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)

Start the year with the Dubai Shopping Festival, a permanent event of shopping, entertainment and family activities. Get amazing discounts, live shows, fireworks and daily raffles, making it a shopper’s heaven.

Dubai Food Festival

Treat your taste buds at the Dubai Food Festival, an elegant event dedicated to celebrate the city’s diverse culinary scene. Have fun with gourmet dining at the different venues, food trucks, at celebrity chef shows and themed foodie events.

Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS)

Beat the summer heat and enjoy the Dubai Summer Surprises, a season-long festival with irresistible deals, entertainment, and amazing savings.  

Eid al-Fitr

Celebrate the joyful triumph of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting in Islam. Witness the festivities that come with family rituals, feasts, cultural presentations and magnificent fireworks all over the city.

Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF)

Experience the world of cinema through the Dubai International Film Festival, which highlights the best of global and local film. The festival brings film screenings, industry forums, red carpet events, and celebrity appearances.

Dubai Jazz Festival

Go with the swing of the tune at the Dubai Jazz Festival, which will feature international music stars and performers. Attend live concerts, street performances, and jazz-themed events in streets and other iconic places in the city and enjoy an unforgettable musical experience.

Plan your Journey

You may travel on an incredible journey with our carefully customised tour packages for Dubai, which guaranteeing a journey full of enjoyment and fulfilling your stay in this amazing city. Our programs are designed in way to ensure that you don’t miss any of the famous tourist places in Dubai as well as its wonderful cultural heritage. 

If a tourist prefers the adventures of desert or the busy life of urban areas as well as the pleasure of eating and shopping it is this place called Dubai. It offers a multiple range of activities ideal to the needs of tourists. Thus, plan your vacation packages to Dubai with us, and be ready for the world’s amazing place with its cultural beauty.

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Ideal duration of staying in Dubai will depend on your expectations and activities you’d like to see. Usually, a 3 to 5-day stay will let you cover the highlights and dinner out and in the exciting nightlife.

One of the major attractions of Dubai is that it has many tour companies offering different services that will satisfy every traveler. From sightseeing tours and desert safaris to luxury experiences and adventure activities, these companies are in abundance.

The cost of a Europe tour from Dubai changes with the duration of the trip, the number of locations, accommodations, means of transportation and activities. Prices can from a couple of thousands to tens of thousands dollars per person.

A 5-star Europe tour from Dubai usually is pricier than the standard type because of the superior accommodation, private transportation, elite activities, and personalized services. The prices can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per individual, based on the level of luxury involved.

The exact amount of money you will spend while touring Dubai depends on your travel style, choices, and planned activities. The cheap and budget travelers in Dubai can experience it affordably by careful planning, and the luxury travelers can spend a lot on it, on high-end hotels, restaurants, and experience.

Adventurertreks.pk is regarded as the best option for Dubai Tour because of its expertise, professional commitment, and dedication to customer satisfaction. With experienced professionals as a team, to your liking and budget personalized itineraries, and the arrangements easy and smooth Adventurertreks.pk prepares a Dubai tour that will stay in your mind for years and free of any hustle.

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