Why to Book Neelam Valley Tour Packages 2024 – All You Need to Know

Neelam Valley, admired for its unique natural beauty and scenic attraction, represents a true nature’s paradise that is yet to be discovered. It should be a thoughtful step taken by the tourists willing to experience the splendid beauty of this valley that booking Neelam Valley tour packages for 2024 would be an ideal choice.

Tour Packages give tourists an opportunity to consult with experienced guides who know the history, culture, and other secrets of the area very well. Tourists may choose an all-inclusive package which typically includes transportation, lodging and planned itinerary offering a hassle-free journey from the start to the end of it. The kind of travelers you are and if you’re going with a group or alone does not matter because all these are areas covered in Neelam tour packages

Neelam Valley & Swat trips

In a Glimpse – Neelam Trip

Setting off on a Neelam Valley expedition takes you into the world where nature and cultural beauty meets. Sitting northward in the territory of Pakistan, Neelam Valley attracts tourists with its stunning nature and lively culture. One may find shimmering snow-topped mountains or green valleys in every nook and corner of Neelam Valley that houses an essence of serenity and beauty in every breath. 

On the Neelam trip, tourists get an opportunity to see the picturesque villages, meet the locals, and learn about rich cultural heritage of the destination. Whether you are relishing the local food, participating in local festivity or just enjoying the marvelous nature, the valley has a lot of things to offer for anyone.

The Weather in Neelam Valley

The north of Pakistan is the location of Neelam Valley that has a temperate climate with different seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Knowing the weather patterns will allow travelers to plan their trip accordingly and use the chance for sightseeing to its fuller.

The warm season, namely, spring (March to May), comes with blossoms and gentle breeze, therefore, it is an excellent time for a visit to Neelam Valley. The weather is nice and sunny with the daytime temperatures averaging between 15oC – 25oC, which makes it ideal for outdoor sporting activities such as walking and hiking. 

The summer (June to August) is the hottest period with the midday highs sometimes reaching 30°C. While the day is usually hot, the nights are more generally cool, providing the substitute of heat. Neelam Valley gets a lot of tourist traffic during the summer, especially hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities being favorable for the most. 

The fall (September to November) with cooler weather and the valley becoming a multi-colored phenomenal sight is stunning. The days ranging from 10°C to 20°C are best suited for long day hikes and enjoying the picturesque grandeur of the Neelam Valley. 

Winter is quite cold (December to February) and bears an occasional snowfall in Neelam Valley. Daily high values remain between 5°C, with temperatures dropping below freezing during the evenings. In spite of the cold, winter offers the chance to experience the beauty of snow-covered Neelam Valley with snow skiing and snowboarding provided as thrilling winter activities.

Weather in Neelam Valley
Nelum Valley Azad Kashmir

Reach Neelam Valley – Neelam Valley Tour

Neelam Valley which is located in the northern zones of Pakistan alone is an adventure, as the scenery and the topography cater for the adventurous spirits of the travelers along the roads. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling by road or by air, the journey to Neelam Valley is all what it takes to have a wonderful experience. 

To those needing to move via airway, the closest airport to Neelam Valley is Islamabad International Airport, 230 Km away. To get to Neelam Valley, travelers can drive or take a bus from Islamabad; along the way, the drivers will enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. On the contrary, visitors may choose car excursions to the Neelam Valley, starting from the major cities of Islamabad and Lahore. 

The trip normally takes 8 to10 hours’ drive depending on the route one take and the road conditions. Tourists can capture amazing views of the countryside as they slowly ascent to the serene Neelam valley, stopping at scenic spots and attractions around the way. After reaching Neelam Valley, the travelers can have a leisurely time, visit the little village, see the majestic mountains, and have a swim in the crystal river. 

Wherever it may be, it can be scaling to the unseen lakes, pitching tents under the skies, or just having tranquility in nature, Neelam Valley offers ample opportunities for adventure and recreation

Must-try Activities in Neelam Valley

Neelam Valley located in the north of Pakistan provides a range of adventure activity for travelers who seek excitement and exploration. Ranging from hiking up the rich valleys to submerging oneself in the traditions of the place, Neelam Valley is the adventure playground of everyone’s lifetime. 

  • Trekking: Neelam Valley is known for its marvelous hiking trails that lead to the deep valleys and provide the captivating views of the mountains and the valleys. You can choose from routes for novice hikers or experienced trekkers. The most well-known lakes such as the Ratti Gali Lake, Shounter Lake and Chitta Katha Lake, are the places where one can find the perfect combination of natural beauty and silence.
  • Exploring Waterfalls: Neelam Valley is proud of a great number of scenic waterfalls that you should not miss while visiting. Once descending from the jagged walls of the surrounding greenery, the falls offer a relaxing and refreshing getaway from modern life and its usual chaos. Several of the Neelam Valley’s waterfalls are Kundal Shahi Waterfall, Dhani Noseri Waterfall, and Salkhala Waterfall.
  • River Rafting: The extremely clear waters of Neelam make the ideal ambiance for heart-pumping rafting adventures. Start a rafting adventure full of nerve-wracking excitement as you float through the rapids and gaze upon the breathtaking beauty of the river shore, it’s a must-try experience for thrill-seekers. Rafting the river in Neelam Valley will undoubtedly offer an extremely thrilling experience that will be the most exciting part of your trip.
  • Camping: Camp between the sparkling stars in Neelam Valley under unperturbed serene environment at one of the designated campsites. Whether you fancy riverside camping or opting for camping amidst the mountains, Neelam Valley caters to all outdoor lovers by providing them various camping opportunities Open up your eyes to the soothing sounds of nature and marvel in the mesmerizing sunrise with the grandeur of the mountains.

Must Visit in Neelam Family Tour

Neelam Valley could be the best family choice as it has adventures as well as relaxation in it while giving a deep insight into its culture. Whichever case you are traveling with young children or old relatives, it’s paramount to note that there are interesting sites in Neelam Valley for families of all sizes. Here are some must-visit destinations for families in Neelam Valley: 

  1. Kutton Waterfall: Located by the hamlet Kutton, Kutton Waterfall is a famous tourism site which is valued for its gorgeous scenery and peaceful atmosphere. The wading pools around the waterfall will provide a perfect setting for a family outing with a picnic on the grass.
  2. Sharda University: Sharda University is situated in the town of Sharda and is an old educational institution as it has existed for the past 6 centuries. The university´s archaeological site can be visited by families who can see and maybe touch some of the historic ruins, among which the famous Sharda Temple.
  3. Shounter Lake: Shountor Lake, an alpine lake, is sheltered by snow-capped mountains providing families the serenity they look for. The visitors can have fun with boating on the lake, go fishing, or just relax in the peaceful environment which is full of the magnificent natural beauty.
  4. Neelam Valley Viewpoint: Finally, the Neelam Valley panorama view spot can be visited by the families towards the Kel where it is located Right here, you can have the beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and rivers.
  5. Local Cultural Experience: Embrace the chance to let your family experience the beauty, culture, and traditions of Neelam Valley by visiting the local villages and celebrating the culture through the traditional dance performances, craft demonstrations, and local festivals.

Best Hotels in Neelam– Neelam Travel Packages

Alongside your visit to Neelam Valley, The accommodation should be selected carefully if you want to have a pleasant stay. Luckily, there is a spectrum of hotels and guesthouses situated in Neelam Valley for all types of budgets and preferences. 

  • Keran Resort: Standing in the village of Keran, Keran Resort provides the guests with the cozy stay with the imposing panorama of the Neelam River. The resort flaunts spacious rooms equipped with modern facilities and a restaurant serving local delicacies.
  • Shangrila Resort: Shangrila Resort, which is nestled on the marshes of the Neelam River, is an exclusive resort providing serenity and harmony with nature in the stunning surroundings of the valley of Neelam. The guests can find spacious accommodation, taste gourmet food in the restaurants and unwind in the charming garden during their stay.
  • Neelam View Hotel: The Neelam View Hotel, with its convenient location right at the center of Neelam Valley, grants you a relaxing atmosphere and easy access to other nearby attractions. The hotel offers comfortable accommodation combined with the hosting of friendly staff and views of the surrounding mountains.
  • Green Valley Guest House: Situated in a green zone, the guest house provides a gateway to the secluded world of Neelam Valley for the visitors in pursuit of tranquility. The guesthouse provides well-maintained rooms with a spacious and attractive garden, and its meals are prepared with fresh local ingredients.
  • Pearl Continental Hotel: Travellers in search of luxury accommodation in Neelam Valley will have the pleasure of staying at Pearl Continental Hotel juxtaposing five-star facilities and exemplary service. The hotel has luxuriously designed rooms, sophisticated restaurants and a variety of recreational facilities which includes a swimming pool and a health spa.

Famous Festivals in Neelam Valley

Apart from its natural beauty, the Neelam Valley is also well-known for its vivacious culture and impressive traditions. All year round the valley comes alive during the colorful festivities and festivals where you can take a glimpse of the native culture and way of living. Here are some of the famous festivals in Neelam Valley: Here are some of the famous festivals in Neelam Valley:

  • Sharda Festival: Annually held in the town of Sharda, the Sharda Festival is a cultural fiesta that presents the region’s vibrant cultural heritage expressed by traditional music, dance and art. The locals hold performances for the tourists, that can be enjoyed, and there is also good food available and cultural activities are offered as well.
  • Shimshal Pamir Festival: The annual Shimshal Pamir Festival is organized in the isolated village of Shimshal and is designed to celebrate the pristine culture and ethos of the Wakhi people. The tourists can attend the famous local sports like the Yak Polo and the stone throw. They can also enjoy the regional music and dance.

Plan Your Journey

Neelam Valley journey planning demands appropriately balancing means of transport, accommodation, activities as well as budget. Find out the best time to go exploring with regards to weather and seasonal events in the area. 

Pick out a lodging that fits your taste and finances whether camping or in lavish hotels. Think about purchasing travel packages for a less stressful option and make sure you do not forget to pack clothing, toiletries, and medicine. 

Bring the essential equipment and remember to honor local traditions when planning the outdoor experience. Always remain dynamic and flexible to fully experience the magnificence of the Neelam Valley.

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Neelam Valley is famous for its impressive natural wonders, which include majestic mountains, glorious valleys, and clean rivers. The valley provides a relaxing respite from the city noise where you can do different outdoor activities, for example, hiking, camping, and rafting, to mention a few. Besides, the enchanting villages, historical sites, and colorful cultural traditions Neelam Valley has made it a land seeded with nature and culture.

The most suitable visiting time of Neelam Valley is during the spring and summer season (March to August). These months are referred to as the spring, which comes with the very mild weather, with viewing the budding flowers, rich greenery, and clear skies. Spring and summer provide an opportunity for people to enjoy the outdoors in ventures such as hiking, camping, and sightseeing. Yet, it is necessary to say that Neelam Valley is also covered by heavy snow during the cold season (Dec-Feb) which can even close down some places

No, Neelam Valley is not located at Murree. Neelam Valley lies in the extreme north of Pakistan in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir region. Kohala is approximately 110kms in the NorthEast of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) capital city of Muzaffarabad. In contrast Murree falls in the Punjab province being a hill station characterized with a pleasant cool climate and majestic beauty.  Neelam Valley and Murree are bit different in terms of geographical conditions, but both are popular tourist destinations with their own unique features which attract people.

The spring and summer (March to August) seasons are the best times to visit Neelam Valley. These months are known as the spring because of the exceptionally pleasant weather, the opportunity to see budding flowers, lush vegetation, and clear skies.

There are a few different ways to get from Islamabad to Neelam Valley, making the journey manageable. The most popular route is by car, which can take eight to ten hours, depending on traffic and state of the roads. To get to Neelam Valley, tourists can take a guided tour, rent a private vehicle, or ride the public bus. The route travels through beautiful valleys, riverbanks, and mountain passes. An alternative route for visitors is to take a plane from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, and then proceed by road to Neelam Valley.

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