Top-Rated Restaurants in Islamabad

Top-Rated Restaurants in Islamabad: Your Ultimate Dining Guide

A restaurant may be a romantic retreat for newlyweds, a place where family and friends can get together to celebrate important occasions, a conference room for business negotiations over lunch, and a hangout for regulars to grab their favorite soup or sandwich.

Top 7 Best Restaurants in Islamabad

  • Monal
  • 1969 Restaurant
  • El Momento
  • La Montana Restaurant 
  • Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad 
  • Mindanos
  • Atrio Café & Grill 

The city of Islamabad is known for its delicious and varied cuisine scene. Every foodie will find something to enjoy in this energetic metropolis, ranging from cosmopolitan delicacies to traditional Pakistani dishes.

Dining out is on the rise and meals away from home account for almost half of total food expenditures. People all over Pakistan have a special place for food in their hearts. They love to travel miles just to get a bite from their favorite places.

People belonging to different areas, age groups, and classes of society have their favorite spots. For instance, people in Karachi would love to have tea and discuss matters of their daily lives. 

Similarly, people in Gujranwala prefer desi cuisines over fast food. They always have a craving for food that is cooked in the local style. Most importantly these restaurants, and cafes are places where a lot of memories are created, that are cherished for a lifetime.

Food Vlogging and social media platforms can help you find a suitable restaurant according to your taste.

List of Best Restaurants in Islamabad

Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, is significant when discussing the range of cuisines available. Whether it’s Chinese, continental, desi, or a well-known dish offered elsewhere in the world. Regardless of where you belong, you can eat some of Islamabad’s great food

List of Best Restaurants in Islamabad
List of Best Restaurants in Islamabad

Are you trying to find Islamabad’s most significant restaurants? This city caters to all tastes and budgets, offering both inexpensive and exquisite dining options.

We’ll introduce you to some of Best Restaurants in Islamabad in this article, including both well-known chains and little-known hidden gems. There are many selections available, so you can decide whether you’re a foodie or merely searching for a tasty lunch.

The restaurant in Islamabad which is on the top of the list are:


The picturesque surroundings and rustic charm of the Monal combine to create an enchanted atmosphere. Serving a wide range of patrons, the restaurant offers a multi-food menu that includes Continental, Chinese, and Pakistani cuisine. 

  • Ambiance

The Monal offers a spectacular dining experience with unmatched views of the city below, making it the ideal venue for a special occasion, family get-together, or romantic evening with loved ones.

  • Food

It would be impossible to visit Islamabad and not indulge in the delectable dishes and enthralling atmosphere of Monal Restaurant. The menu offers a variety of continental and Pakistani dishes, each of which explodes with taste. The talented chefs produce culinary wonders that will thrill both foreign guests and local cuisine fans by combining quality products and traditional seasonings.

1969 Restaurant

Visit 1969 Restaurant if you want a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. This restaurant, which is situated in Shakarparian, Islamabad, on Garden Avenue, exquisitely embodies the spirit of the 1960s. You’ll be transported back in time by the delicious selection of classic foods and the retro-themed atmosphere

  • Ambiance:

The idea behind creating a restaurant with a 60s theme was to present Pakistan in a more refined light so that it could compete with the rest of the globe, which is rapidly modernizing and expanding in all areas agriculture, industry, sports, fashion, and so on.

  • Food:

But more than just the atmosphere, this restaurant’s cuisine is what draws customers in and keeps them coming back for more. The menu offers a variety of continental and Pakistani dishes, each of which explodes with taste. The talented chefs produce culinary wonders that will thrill both foreign guests and local cuisine fans by combining quality products and traditional seasonings.

El Momento

Nestled in the upscale Beverly Centre in F-6, Islamabad, El Momento is an ideal spot for romantic dinners or special celebrations. For steak lovers, EL Momento is the right place without a doubt. 

  • Ambiance 

El Momento allows you to spend time with loved ones at the dinner table and reflect on wonderful times past while savoring mouthwatering steak. El Momento recognizes the enthusiasm that consumers have for steak in Islamabad and  Rawalpindi and is bringing the ultimate steakhouse experience to the twin metropolis. 

  • Food:

El Momento offers a variety of delicious food to satisfy your cravings. The steaks are top notch and you cannot resist them at any cost. Apart from steaks, the menu offers Chinese food, Sushi, a variety of Fish, Deep Ocean items, Pasta, and fast food. They serve top-quality food to their customers.

La Montana Restaurant 

La Montana Restaurant in the Margalla Hills is a must-visit for everyone who enjoys dining outside. This restaurant, perched atop the picturesque hills, provides amazing panoramic views of the city below. La Montana offers an equally amazing gastronomic experience, with a wide variety of delicious meals influenced by Pakistani and foreign cultures

  • Ambiance:

La Montana Restaurant is a place that is tastefully designed and beautifully decorated, keeping in mind the expectations of individuals, tourists, corporate groups, diplomatic fraternity, and business community clientele at competitive prices.  Fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology Lights & Audio Visual Systems all of these are outfitted with the most modern facilities and premium quality services.

  • Food:

Every item, from spicy biryanis to delicious kebabs, is made with careful attention to detail. La Montana promises an amazing experience that skillfully combines the beauty of nature with delectable flavors, whether you’re enjoying a meal inside or outside.

Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad 

Located in the vibrant F-6 Kohsar Market, Tuscany Courtyard Islamabad is a quaint Italian eatery. As soon as you enter this space, the charming streets of Italy will immediately come to mind. The mood for a romantic and enjoyable evening is set by the warm and rustic atmosphere, which includes Italian design

  • Ambiance:

The exterior of the restaurant has the ambiance of an actual courtyard. And the interiors of the restaurant gave out the vibes of a vintage Italian villa. As soon as you enter the premises you can feel a sense of pride and comfort and something special.

  • Food:

Tuscany Courtyard’s food celebrates traditional Italian delicacies. Every menu item, including wood-fired pizzas and traditional pasta dishes, is made with the best ingredients to guarantee a mouthwatering flavor. This restaurant is a favorite among Italian food fans because of its dedication to preserving the authentic flavor of Italian cuisine.


Mindanos is a fine dining establishment located in the center of F-6 Markaz that takes guests to the coast of the Mediterranean. The exquisite flavors of Mediterranean cuisine are complemented by the immersive experience created by the restaurant’s lovely atmosphere and careful attention to detail.

  • Ambiance:

Mindanos offers a decent dining area comprising immaculate wooden furniture. The atmosphere is pleasant with the exquisite lighting system installed in the restaurant. Its aromatic fragrance is unique. It is considered to be the best place for the Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Food:

Their menu is a symphony of flavors, with colorful veggies, fragrant herbs, and fresh fish. Every dish, from decadent grilled seafood platters to classic meat favorites, is a celebration of the area’s rich culinary history. Mindanos is well-known for being among the greatest restaurants in Islamabad. Its commitment to utilizing only the best ingredients is evident, making it a must-visit location.

Atrio Café & Grill 

One of Islamabad’s most well-known eateries, Atrio Café & Grill is prominently situated in the center of the F-7 district. It is renowned for its sophisticated setting, friendly service, and food that combines traditional and modern ingredients. When visitors enter Atrio Café & Grill, they are welcomed with a contemporary yet welcoming ambiance with chic furnishings and private seating configurations.

  • Ambiance:

The two-story café claims to be a combined experience of casual coffee dates and fine dining. Atrio Café & Grill’s rooftop setting is a rooftop with a canopy and a welcoming aroma of freshly grilled red snapper and chicken fingers. The interior and large glass windows that look out into the market on the floor below create a contrast. 

  • Food:

On the roof of Jinnah Super, Islamabad is the Italian, BBQ, and Pizza Place restaurant Atrio Café & Grill. With a large menu that includes the highly recommended barbecue grill items, soups, salads, steaks, pastas, and desserts in addition to a large selection of cold and hot coffees.


Islamabad offers an abundance of exceptional dining options, ranging from upscale restaurants to affordable and mouthwatering street cuisine. Everything to fit your taste and budget is available, whether you’re searching for a quick lunch or something for a big event. There’s a restaurant on our list that serves just about any kind of food you may want in Islamabad.

Therefore, when you’re strolling around this beautiful city, be sure to stop at some of the greatest restaurants in Islamabad around for some delectable cuisine and friendly service. Come taste the delectable cuisine that this energetic city has to offer. Are you plan to visit in Pakistan for discover most beautiful place in Pakistan. these restaurant is best choice for test delicious food.


What is the famous food of Islamabad?

Islamabad is famous for its different cuisines. Japanese, Thai, and Chinese are famous cuisines although delicious desi food is also found in different areas.

Is Pakistani food spicy?

Pakistani food is frequently likened to Indian and Middle Eastern food because of its rich flavor and spicy taste. The most well-liked Pakistani cuisines are naan bread, lamb biryani, and chicken tikka

Where are the best steaks served in Islamabad?

For the love of steaks, you have to visit El Momento or Carnivores in Islamabad.

Is dining in Monal pocket-friendly?

No, Monal is one of the most expensive restaurants in Islamabad.

Do people of Islamabad love to eat out in restaurants?

Yes, People of Islamabad mostly prefer to visit restaurants to satisfy their cravings. Most places are jam-packed and you have to get an advanced booking for a table.

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