Best Food in Chitral

Discover the Best Food in Chitral: A Culinary Journey

Chitral is located in the north-western area of Pakistan. Chitral is famous for its rich cultural heritage and its particular cuisine. The Gilgit Baltistan borders this remote district of Pakistan to the east and Afghanistan to the north. It remained almost isolated and permitted to advertise its culture. 

Moreover, the food is based on multicultural tapestry, impacted by the geographic location and inspired by the culture of Central Asian, South Asian, and Persian countries. The highest peaks of the Hindukush mountains and lush green scenery have shaped the region’s landscape and food habits.

Furthermore, if you cannot find the traditional dishes of the Chitral, don’t worry; we are here to assist you in determining what foods of Chitral are perceived as best. Chitrali pulao and Ghalmandi are made with Spanish savory bread and cottage. Here some of the Best Food in Chitral are mentioned below.

Food in Chitral 

Chitral is popular for its natural basic ingredients and common dishes, which are part of agricultural traditions. You will experience the local foods because they reflect the local exposure, historical influences, and lifestyles.

Food in Chitral 
Food in Chitral 

These ingredients make a delicious recipe, and it has natural value.

Basic ingredients 

  1. Wheat: wheat is known as the basic ingredient in Citlrali’s cuisine. Wheat is used for many breads daily. Roti and chapatti are used daily as ingredients.
  2. Barely: barely is another important ingredient mainly used in stews and soups. Local people barely enjoy using it in many dishes, giving it flavor and chewy texture. 
  3. Maize: maize is mainly used for the Makai Ki roti; it is a famous ingredient in Chitral because it is called cornbread. Maize can be eaten with local vegetables, butter, or milk.
  4. Dairy products: dairy plays the most significant role; the products that come from dairy are butter, yogurt, and cheese. Moreover, kashk is used for sauces and soups, also known as dried yogurt. The products are produced daily in fresh form, which is necessary for festivals and daily meals. 
  5. Meat: goat, lamb, and beef are used as meat by cooking grilled or stewed. Meat is often used in high demand owing to cultural heritage. Meat is used mainly in winter.
  6. Pulses and legumes: beans, chickpeas, and lentils are mainly used for side dishes, stews, and sauces. These pulses provide a great source of protein and are often combined with vegetables and grains to make a balanced diet.
  7. Vegetables: The people of Chitral widely use vegetables, like turnips, potatoes, and spinach, which are seasonal vegetables. These vegetables are produced locally.

Traditional dishes 

Chitral has a historically rich culture and is famous for its common dishes. People get to gather and celebrate cultural food like Chitrali pulao ghalmandi, etc. Here some of the famous foods of Chitral are mentioned below.

  1. Cheer Aash is another famous Chitral food mainly used in cold weather months. It is made with meat and this delicious soup. Someone tries it once, then never forgets to take it repeatedly. The soup is very tasty.
  2. Sharbat is a traditional Chitral drink of natural fruits, yogurt, and herbs. Visitors worldwide must drink it as it is refreshing and hydrating.
  3. Kalli: Kalli is another milk, butter, and maize flour recipe. It is also a traditional dish, and its taste is creamy. It is served with breakfast and mainly during the meat in the cold weather.
  4. Pheti: Pheti is a food like pancakes, also served for breakfast and made with wheat flour and eggs.
  5. Qalaibat is a very special dish in the Chitral and is served during weddings, celebrations, and cultural festivals. This recipe is ready with wheat, maize flour, meat, and spices. 

Popular Dishes 

Food in Chitral plays a significant role in the history of cultural food. Chitral is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. The highest peaks mainly surround the region of Chitral, but its culture is diverse from that of the province.

The dress of the chitral is not the same as that of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, and the chitral’s food reflects its culture. Therefore, here some of the popular dishes are mentioned below.

  1. Chapshoro: Chapshoro is a popular dish of chitral, and its shape is like pizza. It is very tasty and delicious food. The Chapshoro recipe is ready with goat and lamb meat and mixed vegetables, like onions, tomatoes, coriander, and green chilies. Moreover, all visitors who visit the Chitral must prefer to eat this delicious food, and you will feel like the local pizza of Chitral.
  2. Shroshur: Shroshur is also a popular dish and is made with the meat of lamb or goat and mixed vegetables, like tomatoes, onions, and potatoes; there is also a mixture of spices, such as coriander and garlic, which makes the food delicious.
  3. Chitrali pulao: This fragrant Chitrali pulao is famous for its many gatherings and celebrations. The recipe for Chitrali pulao is basmati rice, chicken, and a mix of many spices. The taste of Chitrali pulao is delicious. 
  4. Ghalmandi is a traditional dish; its recipe is wheat flour, cottage cheese, and spinach. It can be eaten with a drizzle of melted butter and yogurt. It is a delicious food of chitral.

Beverages in Chitral

The local beverages of the Chitral are famous, and these attract visitors from across the world to visit the Chitral to taste the popular dishes and famous beverages. Some of the famous local beverages of Chitral are mentioned below.

  1. Chitrali tea (Khowar chai): Chitrali tea is a famous beverage in the Chitral; most people take Chitrali tea. Its taste is like black tea, and it is unique.
  2. Buttermilk(dug): buttermilk is the dairy production; its taste is wonderful and beneficial for the health.
  3. Mulberry juice: Mulberry juice is a popular drink in the chitral, mainly made from local fruits. It is a nutritious drink and beneficial for health.

Modern impact and changes 

Globalization has enhanced the world’s speed, and technological advancement has changed the traditional ways; now, the world has become global owing to interconnectedness, and states are interdependent.

Moreover, the transformations of imported things have influenced domestic things, such as dressing senses, which have changed and many ingredients that influence the local foods of the country;

hence, modernism is also impacting the country’s local cuisine.

  1. Impact of trade and globalization: Trade and globalization have brought new ingredients in Chitral that were never used before globalization and trade, like tomatoes, potatoes, and onions, which are not the local ingredients.
  2. Fusion with other cuisines: fast trade and globalization have changed the technique of local foods. Now, these imported ingredients are used in local traditional foods, such as mixed spices, which have changed the taste of food in Chitral.
  3. Preservation of traditional techniques: Despite influencing modern ingredients, the people of Chitral have preserved the old cooking techniques. The families traditionally cook the food, especially during festivals and weddings.
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Overall, Chitrali food is a popular and traditional food of the Chitrali region. The ingredients used for local food in Chitral make for delicious recipes.

Moreover, Chitrali beverages are also popular, are made of different flavors, and are used in different seasons. Thus, Chitral has a rich history in local food, so you must try these foods when you visit the Chitral.


What are some main foods in Chitral?

The main foods in Chitral are Chitrali pulao, dairy, wheat, and barley products and foods made with meat.

What is Chapshoro?

Chapshoro is a popular dish in the Chitral, mainly called the Chitrali pizza. Visitors must enjoy this Chapshoro because it is a delicious traditional dish.

What are the traditional beverages of chitral?

There are many traditional beverages in the Chitral, and some of those are, including mulberry juice, buttermilk, and Chitrali chai. 

What is sheer chai?

Sheer chai is the winter beverage or green tea, served mostly after meals in the winter season.

Is there any health benefit associated with Chitrali cuisine?

Yes, there are many health benefits associated with Chitrali cuisine; dairy products give physical strength and strengthen the bones, vegetables provide minerals and vitamins, and grains provide carbohydrates. 

What is a unique way of hospitality in Chitral related to food?

Khowar tea is served at an exact time, and it is served multiple times a day.

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