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Located in the midst of Hunza Valley’s awe-inspiring mountains and peaceful surroundings, the ideal accommodation that combines luxury with the scenic charm of the region is of significant importance for those who enjoy traveling. 

Our core objective is to make your travel to this stunning part of Pakistan worthwhile by providing accommodations that are as exceptional as your adventures in hunza. Among these, Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort is a jewel of luxury and calm in the midst of mountains, giving guests an unparalleled experience.

Top 10 Luxury at Hunza Valley Hotel

Luxury lodges with a background of beautiful mountains surrounded by nature are available to those travelers for whom an unforgettable experience is a must.

From expensive resorts like Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort to historical things like Serena Altit Fort Residence, each hotel has a unique luxury, comfort, and stunning views that are beyond imagination making your stay in one of the loveliest places in Hunza remarkable.

Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort

Isolated next to the enchanting, azure Attabad Lake, Luxus Hunza is an ideal place to find peace with mesmerizing visuals of pristine nature. The resort is the epitome of landscape harmony, putting together a perfect place where each glance brings astounding views of the lake’s crystal waters and magnificent Karakoram Range.

Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort
Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort

Luxus Hunza rooms and suites attention to detail to comfort while enhancing the eye-catching view. In every room, one will find heavenly space, completely furnished with modern facilities and private balconies.

Culinary delights are in store at the resort’s restaurants, where chefs who are experts in the art of cooking combine local flavors with international cuisines, using freshly grown local ingredients. Visitors can do everything from electrifying water sports on Attabad Lake to relaxing spa therapies that improve the soul and body.

The Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort goes beyond the conventional hotel experience, enabling the guest to experience nature in upscale. The resort’s dedication to perfection is manifested in its attentive service which guarantees that every minute of your stay is flawless. 

Whether thrill seekers crave the wilderness of Hunza or for quiet relaxation, Luxus Hunza is the place to be to experience a stay that will remain unforgettable.

  • Types of Rooms Available: Standard Double Room, Deluxe Room, Double Room with Lake View, King Room with Lake View, Family Double Room, Suite with Lake View, Superior King Room
  • Room Charges: Starting from PKR 20,700 to PKR 68,400
  • Location: Hunza, Gojal, Gojal, Aina Abad, Attabad, Gilgit-Baltistan

Serena Altit Fort Residence

Serena Altit Fort Residence distinguishes itself within the array of Hunza Valley hotels as evidence of the vibrant history and eternal beauty of Upper Hunza. 

Between the old Altit fort walls, this hotel gives you a chance to live in the past with all the amenities modern luxury offers at your fingertips. The Residence is not just a place to sleep; it is a trip to the past where we meet the stories of the past and amenities of the present.

Serena Altit Fort Residence
Serena Altit Fort Residence

The rooms and suites were carefully chosen and designed to reflect the historical meaning of the fort as well as to offer modern-day comfort and enrich students’ stay. The Residence provides out-of-this-world views of the dramatic landscape of the Hunza Valley, from green valleys to snow-covered peaks that can be seen from the private balconies and terraces.

The hotel is committed to sustainability which is why it implements eco-friendly practices and also supports nearby communities which makes the guests feel a guilt-free luxury hospitality experience.

Serena Altit Fort Residence gives more than the ordinary; it is a place where one’s stay is infused with the inherent Hunza royal heritage. The spacious service, beautiful dining, and the calm atmosphere of the fort make it an ideal choice for people in favor of a rare combination of art, culture, and luxury in the heart of the Hunza Valley.

  • Types of Rooms Available: Standard Twin Room with Mountain View, Superior Single Room
  • Room Charges: Starting from PKR 30,624 to PKR 34,800
  • Location:  Altit Village, Altit, Hunza Gilgit Baltistan Brig. Sharullah Road, Jutial Gilgit, 15710 Hunza, Pakistan

Villa Darya

Situated in the heart of Hunza Valley, Villa Darya provides guests with an ideal place to relax and enjoy the homely ambiance away from home. The beautiful scenery of snow-topped mountains and vegetation surrounding the villa is eye-catching.

Villa Darya
Villa Darya

This villa stands out because of its hospitality, comfort, and scenic views among Hunza Valley hotels. Villa Darya is not only a place to lay his/her head, it is a warm nest where everyone is welcomed as if a family member.

With its breathtaking mountain-view location, Villa Darya creates a cozy and intimate feel, suitable for those craving to get close to themselves and nature.

Through its architecture and furnishings, the villa embodies the cultural diversity of Hunza and the age-old tradition of the area, providing an authentic experience that is closely tied to the local heritage.

From the moment you arrive, you are in for personalized services that will meet all your needs and guarantee a cozy and enjoyable stay.

Villa Darya is the place for you to soak up the amazing beauty and peaceful serenity offered by the mountains while simultaneously experiencing the Hunzai hospitality at its best. It’s a perfect place to discover the valley’s beauty and heritage sites. Enhance your Hunza trip experience by making Villa Darya your place of stay.

  • Types of Rooms Available: Queen Room with Garden View, Standard Twin Room with Garden View, Deluxe Double Room with Balcony, Twin Room with Balcony, Superior King Room
  • Room Charges: Starting from PKR 8,981 to PKR 22,176
  • Location:  Near Gulmit-Shishkat RCC Bridge, Village Shishkat Gojal, 15750 Gulmit, Pakistan

Borith Lake Hotel & Resort

Nestled in the tranquil ambiance of Hunza Valley, Borith Lake Hotel & resort is an embodiment of the raw beauty of the northern part of Pakistan. 

Placed next to the pristine Borith Lake, the hotel features unmatched comfort of nature and the amenities of modern tech. It’s a refuge for people who want to find solace, thrill, and an interaction with nature.

Borith Lake Hotel & Resort
Borith Lake Hotel & Resort

The resort is located an immediate distance from Borith Lake, which is surrounded by the high peaks of the Karakoram range, a pinnacle among Hunza Valley hotels, which offers the most idyllic views.

Guests can have the choice to stay in cozy and spacious room types that integrate nature seamlessly or enjoy a peaceful sleep in the midst of such breathtaking views. Borith Lake Hotel & Resort is the best starting point for exploring the valley with the ease of access to trekking, bird watching, and the opportunity to catch a sight of the Milky Way from the sky.

Borith Lake Hotel & Resort is more than a place to stay overnight; this is an experience where you are involved with the essence of the magnificent natural world of Hunza. 

Whether you chill in your room which has incredible views of the lake and the mountains or dine on local and international fare, this hotel offers a remarkable and enjoyable stay. 

  • Types of Rooms Available: Standard Double Room, Deluxe Room
  • Room Charges: Starting from PKR 6,500
  • Location:  Gojal, Hunza Nagar, 15750

Hard Rock Resort and Villas, Hunza.

The breathtaking Hunza Valley serves as a backdrop for the introduction of Hard Rock Hunza Resort and Villas, a favorite among Hunza Valley hotels for nature lovers. It is a world-class resort that blends the rough charm of Hunza with our unique brand of comfort and excellence that Hard Rock is known for worldwide. 

Hard Rock Resort and Villas, Hunza.
Hard Rock Resort and Villas, Hunza.

Set amidst the dramatic backdrop of the Karakoram range, it is a retreat where nature’s soothing serenity and contemporary comfort intertwine.

Book from a selection of luxurious villas and rooms each with a fantastic view of the Hunza sceneries, equipped with all modern amenities to make your stay extremely comfortable. Give in to the temptations of the resort’s restaurants where the chefs blend local flavors with international cuisine, cooking up delicious meals that everyone enjoys.

In the case where you prefer either to observe the surreal nature of Hunza or just to take a rest within our resort, Hard Rock has a multitude of entertainment options. From guided tours to all manner of outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone.

The Hard Rock Hunza Resort and Villas set itself apart not only for its superb location and lavish facilities but also for its emphasis on giving a distinct experience. Here, where every minutia, from the music-inspired decor to the amazing service, is thoughtfully designed to make your experience excellent. 

The lodge, a manifestation of Hunza’s adventurous nature and Hard Rock’s luxury, becomes an irresistible option for visitors looking for the best between the two worlds.

  • Types of Rooms Available: Deluxe, 1 Bedroom Villa, Honeymoon Suite Jaccuzzi, Presidential Suite with Jacuzzi, Royal Suite
  • Room Charges: Starting from PKR 30,000 to PKR 90,000
  • Location:  Duiker view point Altit Hunza, Hunza Valley

Sarai Silk Route Passu

Surrounded by the spectacular surroundings of Passu, Hunza Valley, Sarai Silk Route Passu provides an unusual hideaway that accentuates the area’s storied history and breathtaking grandeur. 

This small hotel honors the ancient Silk Route peacefully and allows travelers, who seek adventure and mystery, to learn more about this old route. 

Sarai Silk Route Passu
Sarai Silk Route Passu

Explore the hospitality of the people of Hunza while staying in a place that has both the traditional touch and the comforts of the modern world, to ensure that your stay is both genuine and comfortable.

The amazing scenery of the Passu Cones and glaciers, seen directly from the hotel, makes your stay an unforgettable experience. When you visit local Hunza cuisines, with such organically prepared food, it is a fascinating and genuine cultural immersion as part of the resort’s experience programs.

Sarai Silk Route Passu is supposed to be a lodging we offer our guests, but it is so much more beautiful than that. 

The guests will travel back in time, relaxing in comfortably furnished rooms decorated traditionally, capturing the beauty of Hunza Valley, and discovering the history and culture of our settlements which have survived to this day. 

  • Types of Rooms Available: Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Deluxe View Rooms
  • Room Charges: Starting from PKR 18,000 to PKR 28,000
  • Location: Hunza, 15750, Gojal, Passu, Gilgit-Baltistan 15750

Eagle’s Nest Hotel

Perched on the topmost point of the mountainous Hunza valley is the Eagle’s Nest Hotel, where guests are offered an almost real and metaphorical position. 

This hotel, bestowed with the same name of lofty place, is most distinct in all aspects of its arrangement which attracts tourists from all around the world like it’s terrific views of both Rakaposhi and Ultar Sar.

Eagle's Nest Hotel
Eagle’s Nest Hotel

Every room and space in the hotel are ornamented to draw out a view of the unparalleled landscapes of Hunza Valley that exhibit the rough features and snow-peaked mountains. Thrill yourself with the tastes from across the region as such dishes containing fresh and local ingredients that have been prepared in the unique culinary styles of Hunza.

The prime position of Eagle’s Nest offers it a position to choose as a beautiful base for touring the valley’s numerous attractions including antiquated apex, and calm lakes along the renowned Hunza River.

Eagle’s Nest Hotel is more than a place to sleep; it’s a dive into the supra-mundane. Here, the Milky Way is visible during the night and during the day Hunza offers peace and serenity that you can’t get anywhere else. 

The hotel exquisitely balances service par excellence, quality lodging, and a location that can’t get any better for travelers who seek a trip to remember the heart of the mountains and delivers an extraordinary experience among Hunza Valley hotels.

  • Types of Rooms Available: Standard Garden View, Deluxe Rakaposhi View, Executive Hunza Peak View, Inter-connecting Rakaposhi Family Room Single Terrace, Inter-connecting Hunza Peak View Family Room Single Terrace, Inter-connecting Rakaposhi Family Room Twin Terrace
  • Room Charges: Starting from PKR 13,500 to PKR 34,000
  • Location:  Eagles nest hotel duikar altit, Hunza, Gilgit

Roomy Daastaan Hotel, Karimabad Hunza

In the very midst of the bustling Karimabad, the Roomy Daastaan Hotel, represents Hunza Valley hotels‘ contemporary side, Inn that offers an impeccable blend of modern comfort and rich cultural heritage. 

Roomy Daastaan Hotel, Karimabad Hunza
Roomy Daastaan Hotel, Karimabad Hunza

The Hotel of Hunza serves as an illustration of their storytelling tradition and provides a platform for the visitors to compose their tales, whether it is about excitement, relaxation, or discovery.

The hotel features the latest contemporary design with clean lines touching modern amenities whilst blending it with the traditions of Hunza. Besides spacious rooms and common areas, where visitors are granted breathtaking views of the Hunza Valley which includes the historical Baltit Fort and the magnificent Karakoram Mountains.

This on-site restaurant provides a huge choice of food, blending local tastes with international cuisine to satisfy different cravings.

The Roomy Daastaan Hotel has been thoughtfully planned and laid out, to create a pleasant atmosphere for guests to also remember. Whatever your itinerary may be, be it visiting the nearby historical attractions, trekking some of the mountains, or simply just enjoying the peaceful surroundings of the hotel, Roomy Daastaan remains a luxurious and comfortable base for you to explore Hunza.

  • Types of Rooms Available: Standard Double or Twin Room, Deluxe Double Room, Superior Double or Twin Room with Mountain View, Executive Suite
  • Room Charges: Starting from PKR 16,200 to PKR 31,995
  • Location:  Karimabad Road, Karimabad, Hunza, 15600 Hunza, Pakistan

Hilltop Hotel

Located gracefully at the top of the busy valleys, Hotel Hilltop in Hunza is a serene retreat that combines the peace of nature with the best of hospitability. 

Hilltop Hotel
Hilltop Hotel

This hotel, located on a vantage point as the name suggests, is an excellent retreat for guests as it offers stunning panoramic views of the distant mountains and valleys where they can enjoy a calming atmosphere that is far away from city life. 

The view from every room at Hilltop Hotel is the door to the heart-stopping views of Hunza Valley, where the guests seem to be one with nature. The hotel offers rooms that are carefully designed with our guests in mind.

These well-appointed rooms feature all modern conveniences, ensuring an equally comfortable and luxurious stay. Hilltop Hotel’s strategic location allows it to be an excellent starting point for tours to discover Hunza’s famous attractions: ancient forts, calm waters, green valleys, and other fantastic landscape features.

As a hotel, the Hilltop Hotel represents the very spirit of Hunza Valley with its combination of serenity, comfort, and adventure. In this place, you can get up to the sunshine over snow-capped peaks in the morning, spend your days discovering the amazing world of Hunza, and enjoy your nights under the glittering sky of stars. 

  • Types of Rooms Available: Deluxe Double Room
  • Room Charges: Starting from PKR 18,640
  • Location:  Karim Abad Road, Hunza, Karimabad, 15700 Hunza, Pakistan

Old Hunza Inn

Tucked in the heart of Hunza Valley and bringing together the old style of hospitality and a cozy atmosphere, Old Hunza Inn is the ideal place for those seeking to turn their stay into a complete immersion into local culture and the breathtaking scenery of the region. 

Old Hunza Inn
Old Hunza Inn

Using its rustic character and the cozy friendly environment Old Hunza Inn still proves that it is a sign of time-honored heritage and the indescribable charms of nature.

Old Hunza Inn encompasses the essence of a traditional Hunza life, just giving a ‘cozy’ feeling through its interior design, use of architecture, and an environment that feels home away from home.

The inn is situated in a very quiet and breathtakingly scenic place surrounded by mountains which provides a refreshing setting for unwinding and introspection. Visitors of this cultural tourism can try Hunza cuisine prepared from locally-grown ingredients and enjoy the warm hospitality of the local people, who will give them a real taste of Hunza culture.

Old Hunza Inn brings more than just accommodation; it is a place where visitors have a chance to immerse themselves in the Hunza nature and culture. 

Whether lounging with your favorite book in the cozy library of the inn, indulging in the scrumptious delicacies of the on-site restaurant, or venturing out to see the nearby sights, Old Hunza Inn promises you a comfortable, memorable, and unique experience.

  • Types of Rooms Available: Double or Twin Room with Mountain View, Deluxe Queen Room, King Room with Balcony, Superior Double or Twin Room with Mountain View
  • Room Charges: Starting from PKR 12,960 TO PKR 49,500
  • Location:  Zero Point Karimabad Hunza Gilgit Baltistan, 15700 Hunza, Pakistan


Which factor distinguishes Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort from other hotels in Hunza Valley?

The Luxus Hunza provides breathtaking vistas of Lake Attabad, world-class amenities including gourmet dining and adventures, and luxurious lodging, making it a top destination for travelers who want both relaxation and experience.

In what manner does the Serena Altit Fort Residence blend the past of Hunza into the guests’ experience?

Serena Altit Fort Residence is situated inside the historic walls of Altit Fort, where guests can take pleasure in the ancient-meets-modern experience that combines luxury with comfort, amazing views, and environmentally conscious design, and enjoying every moment of their stay with a deep-rooted sense of place and history.

What exclusive services does Villa Darya deliver to its visitors?

Villa Darya offers a warm and friendly atmosphere where guests can enjoy breathtaking mountain views, a traditional Hunza feel through its architecture and hospitability, and experiences that are tailored to the unique comfort and enjoyment of every single guest.

What makes Borith Lake Hotel & Resort a perfect place for nature lovers?

Located by the pristine Borith Lake and surrounded by the Karakoram range, the lodge offers amazing lakeside views, non-intrusive accommodations in multiple locations, and easy access to outdoor activities, making it an ideal retreat for all lovers of nature.

What makes Hard Rock Hunza Resort and Villas unique compared to other high-end hotels in the valley?

Hard Rock Hunza embraces the rustic beauty of Hunza and transfers that to Hard Rock luxury, hosting guests in lavish rooms, serving culinary masterpieces, and offering a wide range of activities, all surrounded by the amazing Karakoram mountains, thus creating a strong impression on the visitors.

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