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Tour To Skardu

Far in the Northern areas of Pakistan, lies one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, the Majestic Skardu. The perfect embodiment of nature’s perfection, Skardu has a lot to offer to the tourists. So, if you’re planning to Tour To  Skardu this season, don’t forget to visit the following places.

  1. Shangrila Lake

On top of the list, the first thing to visit, if you are on tour to Skardu is the mesmerizing Shangrila Lake, locally known as Lower Kachura Lake and located 20 km from Skardu City.  The dense deep forest alongside the dreamy lake, red-hut cottages and snow clad mountains gives you an unforgettable view. Just a glimpse of it, and you’re totally lost in the beauty of it.

  1. Satpara Lake

If you plan to Tour To Skardu then Satpara Lake, another beautiful spot to visit in the Skardu Valley, elevated at 8650 ft., is nothing less than a fairy-tale resort. The turquoise blue water of the lake, surrounded by glacial mountains, attract thousands of tourists every year to witness the marvellousness of this lake. Tourists enjoy activities here like boating, fishing & roaring in the bright blue water of the lake.

Interesting fact: The melting ice of Deosai plains is the main source of water for Satpara Lake.

  1. Khaplu Valley

Khaplu Valley, an ancient state that lies at the base of Karakorum mountain range, is another must-visit during your travel to Skardu. The curvy road towards Khaplu with several trees shades offers travellers with a wonderful view. The jeep rides in the area makes the whole experience quite edgy and fun for the tourists. Khaplu valley is truly worth seeing due to a lot of reasons.

Chaqchan mosque, known as the miraculous mosque is one of the earliest mosques in Gilgit Baltistan, and is therefore a famous tourist attraction in the Khaplu Valley. It was built in 14th century, with a typical Mughal architecture. You can visit it during prayer times, it’s an experience you cannot miss