Guide to Hiking Tracks in Islamabad

Ultimate Guide to Hiking Tracks in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. It is the most beautiful, attractive city and the 2nd most beautiful capital in the world. Beautiful, lush green mountains surround the city, and many attractive sites attract nature lovers, adventurers, and photographers to visit the beautiful city and its natural beauty. 

Moreover, Islamabad City offers numerous outdoor activities, such as hiking, trekking, camping, boating and cycling. But here, we will just discuss the hiking tracks in Islamabad. Additionally, we will discuss the significance of Islamabad tracks, and then we will suggest suitable recommendations regarding the tracks of Islamabad.

Furthermore, we will provide you with the top tracking routes in Islamabad. Overall, if you are seeking guidance regarding the tracks in Islamabad, don’t worry.

Join our page and connect with us till the last questions. We will assist you with the questions you have in mind, and we will provide you with the way forward that will guide you throughout the hiking process.

Overall, hiking tracks like Track 3, track 5, track 6 and peer Sohawa to Ghora Gali are famous tracks in Islamabad, and the main features of the tracks are.

Why hiking in Islamabad?

Hiking is an adventure activity, and it is performed by a keen interest in adventure to explore new places on the earth. Hiking provides a refreshing environment and a breathtaking view to the hiker, and it is an energetic and passionate activity.

Why hiking in Islamabad
Why hiking in Islamabad

Hence, many places in the world offer you hiking. Additionally, Islamabad is also offering hiking opportunities.

Moreover, Islamabad is a secure and clean city for hiking. People from across the globe love to hike on the renowned trails of Islamabad and come every year only with the objective of hiking. The trails are well organized and formed for hiking, and it is more than just enjoying and entertaining. 

Furthermore, Islamabad is attractive and much more beautiful than expected. Therefore, it is not only offering hiking but also other opportunities. If you’re planning to visit Islamabad, then don’t wait; come and enjoy your days.

Top hiking Tracks in Islamabad 

Living in Islamabad should make you appreciate the luxury of having a view of the Margallas even more. If you’re interested in hiking in Islamabad, Pakistan, we’ve put together a list of the trails you shouldn’t miss.

If the grandeur of these hills isn’t enough to inspire you to see Islamabad’s other breathtaking attractions, nothing will. Travelling to Pakistan’s historic sites is a must if you’re interested in the past. People go to the Margallas for drives and hikes in the dreary rain when low scudding clouds obscure the mountains.

The unpredictable weather in Islamabad means that rain is likely to occur, which could ruin your plans and put your safety at risk when hiking. Other potential hazards include strong winds, lightning, oppressive humidity, and thunderstorms.

That’s why it’s crucial to check the forecast and know the pattern of the weather before you go hiking. In order to go hiking, what kind of weather is ideal?  There will be enough sunshine to hike under blue skies adorned with fluffy white clouds and a mild southerly wind. Oh, very lovely.

As we approach the end of September, it is important to remember to monitor the weather trends. Determine your intended hiking distance before you head out. The location’s isolation and the day’s predicted weather conditions are the primary factors.

What you should pack for a trek depends on factors, including the height, the length of the journey, and the weather. This is particularly true for first-time hikers, who should make sure to have all the necessary supplies, including food, water, and appropriate clothing.

A Fire Track in Islamabad 

Islamabad is encircled by the massive Margalla mountains. The CDA designated various trails, each with its name, to aid hikers. Trail 3, Islamabad, which begins in the sector across from F5 and finishes in Pir Sohawa, is the most popular route for hikers. Details are shared below.

Track- 3

The third trail in Islamabad begins at 615 meters and ascends to 1177 meters. Also, near the intersection of Margalla Road and Ataturk Avenue begins the two-part Trail 3. One trip is more challenging than the other due to its aggressive and tiring nature, but it culminates in a breath-taking view.

In comparison to the first, the second one is a little smoother. It finishes at Pir Sohawa, where you’ll find three enticing hotels, and it gives you big adventurous aims. On either side of Trail 3, you’ll find a beautiful and enthralling panorama. Both hikes cover an average of 5.57 kilometres and include about 672 m of ascent.

Also, depending on your level of mastery, the hikes can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the distance.

Scenic view of track-3

Track 3 offers the most beautiful view of Islamabad, and you can enjoy the serene forest. It will provide you with a natural look and a breathtaking view of Islamabad with lush green scenery. 

Tips for track-3

  1. Trail 3 Loop hikers, here are a few tips 
  2. Keep a supply of water and snacks on hand. 
  3. Put on your most snug and traction-rich footwear. 
  4. Keep an eye on the forecast. 
  5. Avoid hiking alone.

Secure hiking tracks in Islamabad 

A prominent Islamabad hiking track is Hiking Track 5, which is also known as Dara Janglan. For those who prefer to spend their vacations immersed in nature, this is the perfect option. Because it is less strenuous and suitable for hikers of all abilities, this trail is far more popular than the others.

Margalla Road is the starting point for your trekking adventure, and the total distance you’ll cover (two to three hours) will depend on your walking speed. However, it would help if you paused periodically to enjoy the scenery.

Safety measures during hiking on Trail-5 of Islamabad 

Put on the Right Apparel: Tough hiking boots and layers tailored to the temperature are necessities.

  1. Dehydration is a major concern, so be sure to bring enough water.
  2. Please do your part to keep the park and its wildlife habitat free of litter by keeping the trails clean.
  3. Never go hiking alone: always inform someone of your plans and when you anticipate returning.

In order to protect themselves and the environment, hikers should adhere to these safety measures.

Facilities available for the hiker

A state-of-the-art sports complex, Sports Enclave, would be built in Islamabad’s scenic Shah Allah Ditta neighborhood, according to the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Among the many athletic activities that will be available at the venue are rock climbing, zip line, volleyball, and cricket.

Hiking Tracks in Islamabad with Maps 

Hikers should always use the maps while hiking in Islamabad. Hikers can get the maps online or at local physical centres. The maps would help you in guiding about the trail lengths, points of interest and difficulty level. Navigation and GPS devices are used as alternatives.

Still, they must hold the physical map because digital maps are unreliable and might signal a drop in crucial situations, which can bring problems. 

By using the map, you can enjoy the adventure among the hills of Margalla. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use both digital and physical maps while hiking.

Importance of Maps in Hiking 

Maps play an important role while hiking; maps help you follow the right track. Unfortunately, if you are unable to find the track and you are a new hiker, then the map is highly recommended as a guide. Moreover, the battery of the compass and GPS may shut down, or the compass may break; therefore, the use of a physical map is necessary to access your point.

Enhancing Hiking Experience 

Start hiking from a small and easy track would enhance your experience. Moreover, using navigational maps would help you enhance your experience. Furthermore, seniors can help you to prepare yourself for hiking. Doing these practices can enhance the experience of the beginner.

Best Sources for Hiking Maps in Islamabad

Hiking in Margalla Hills is absolutely wonderful and attractive for nature lovers, particularly for the adventurous. Thousands of hikers come to hike the Margalla hills and enjoy the moments.

The best thing about the hiking trails of Islamabad is that they are easy to hike. Beginners can start hiking easily from the hiking trails of Islamabad.

Moreover, it is highly recommended that maps, like compass, GPS, and physical maps, can help the hiker while hiking. Therefore, we will provide you with the best sources related to hiking maps in Islamabad.

  • Digital maps: digital maps like compass or GPS are easy to use, but they can create some issues for the hiker while hiking owing to the danger of battery death or break of the compass. Overall, it is easily available online.
  • Physical map: it is emphasized that you bring the physical with you while hiking because the maps are good for all times. Therefore, don’t forget to bring the physical maps with you. Thus, you can get the physical maps from the local physical centre. These maps are available in every physical centre.

Essential Tips for Hiking in Islamabad 

Hiking in Islamabad is wonderful and full of entertainment. If you are a beginner in hiking, then Islamabad is the best option for enhancing the experience and learning the skills for further trekking.

Furthermore, the hiking trails in Islamabad are easy to access. The natural beauty and breathtaking view of Margalla Hills provide a scenic view of Islamabad.

Moreover, the hiker needs to understand the track and be prepared before leaving for the hike. Hence, here some of the essential tips for hiking in Islamabad are mentioned below.

Preparation Tips 

It would help if you prepared yourself before you go hiking. It is a good habit of the passionate and keen interest to learn about hiking and trekking.

They make everything okay and bring the necessary equipment for hiking and chasing the target.  Moreover, if you are looking for assistance in preparation for the hiking, don’t worry.

You have landed on the right page; we are here to tell you about the preparedness of hiking in Islamabad.

  • Packing: Pack the headlamp because it will help you in the darkness; a warm hat, drinking water, waterproof jacket, and gloves are essential while hiking in Islamabad.
  • Best time to hike: you can go hiking throughout the year in every season, particularly in Islamabad, but it is perceived that spring and autumn are the most beautiful seasons for hiking on the trails of Islamabad. The exact time for the hike is early in the morning or after the afternoon.
  • Safety precautions: take guidance from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), avoid hiking while you are single and keep one friend with you. Here are 10 essential tips for safety precautions: bring the first aid kit, digital maps and physical maps, sunglasses, raincoat, headlamp, repair kit, lighter, emergency shelter, nutrition, and hydration are the best safety precautions.

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What are the best hiking tracks in Islamabad?

Track-3, track-5, and track-6 of the Margalla Hills are the best hiking tracks in Islamabad.

Are there secure hiking tracks in Islamabad?

Yes, the Islamabad tracks are fully secured and clean.

Can I find maps of hiking tracks in Islamabad?

Yes, both digital and physical maps are available on Google and at the local physical centre.

What should I pack for a hike in Islamabad?

Pack the headlamp because it will help you in the darkness; a warm hat, drinking water, waterproof jacket and gloves are the essentials while hiking in Islamabad.

How can I book a Pakistan tour package?

By visiting adventurer treks and tours website, you will get the Pakistan tour package.

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