Is Pakistan Safe for Tourists

Is Pakistan Safe for Tourists? A Comprehensive Guide

Pakistan is a home of some diverse natural beauty in the world. It is a melting pot of different cultures and religions. It is ranked among top 25 percent of global destinations for world heritage by the World Economic Forum.

Pakistan is a remarkable destination for travelers, researchers, teachers and archeologists. Its historical cities include Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. In the northern areas it contains mountain ranges and valleys which are not less than heaven on Earth.

Safety is the prerequisite for tourists. Without safety tourism is nothing more than a joke. Therefore govt. of Pakistan has taken necessary measures to ensure the safety of tourists making Pakistan a safest country for tourists. Govt. has formed a task force on tourism in September 2018.

The basic aim behind it is to strengthen and secure tourism industry. The task force collaborates with national and international organizations to ensure development and security.

If you want to get detailed information about the question like, Is Pakistan safe for tourists? Then scroll up and get your answer.

Current Safety Status in Pakistan:

If the question like, Is Pakistan safe for tourists comes in your mind then here is the information regarding the safety status in the country. Pakistan is becoming the most favorable destination for tourist’s day by day and without safety, it’s not possible. Safety conditions are improving day by day.

PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) is responsible for promoting and ensuring safety in tourism.  This department has created a tourism E-Portal. This portal will provide information to tourists upon a single click.

It’s a user friendly portal which shows popular destinations to tourists and provide them the guidelines related to safety. It also contains documentaries to avail various available services.

PTDC has overcome a major roadblock which is the lack of coordination between several public and private sectors. Commitment has been made with several tourism associations such as TAAP, PHA, PATO, NGOs, Academia and tourism experts.

Besides this PTDC also has social accounts where tourists share their reviews. This creates a positive impact regarding the safety of tourists in Pakistan.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Pakistan:

Pakistan has numerous popular tourist destinations including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Northern Areas (Hunza Valley, Swat Valley) and Cultural and Historical Sites (Badshahi Mosque, Mohenjo-Daro).

Popular Tourist Destinations in Pakistan
Popular Tourist Destinations in Pakistan


Islamabad is the capital city of islamic republic of Pakistan. It has a humid subtropical climate with four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Being a capital and famous tourist place, Islamabad has a blend of Desi, Chinese and Asian restaurants such as Dawat, The Carnivore, Wild Rice Restaurant, Monal, Kabul Restaurant, Al Maghreb, Khiva Restaurant, La Terrazza and many more.

Famous places in this city include Faisal Mosque, Margalla Hills, Trail 3, Trail 5, Daman e Koh, Saidpur Village, Pakistan Monument Museum, Rawal Lake, Lake View Park, Lok Virsa Museum, Shakarpariyan Hills, Shahdara Valley, Fatima Jinnah Park, Pakistan Railways Heritage Museum, Simly Dam, Kachnar Park, Bari Imam Shrine, Aabpara Market, Parliament House and Pakistan Museum of Natural History. 


Lahore is the capital city of Punjab province. It’s the second largest city in Pakistan. It has a semi-arid climate with five seasons: foggy winter, pleasant spring, summer, rainy monsoon and dry autumn.

This city is having a huge number of Desi, Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Turkish and Italian restaurants. such as Arcadian Cafe, Veera 5, Monal, The Kitchen Bistro-Boulangerie-Patissrie, Pablo’s, Haveli Restaurant, Asian Wok Raya, Yum! Chinese and Thai Restaurant, Andaaz Restaurant, Qabail Tribes, The Bresserie, Cafe Zouk and many more.

Famous places in this city include Badshahi Mosque, Wagah Border, Lahore Fort, Emporium Mall, Army Museum, Minar e Pakistan, Lahore Museum, Sozo Water Park, Masjid Wazir Khan, Fotress Stadium, Walled City of Lahore Authority, Jilani Park, Bagh e Jinnah, Shalimar Bagh, Jahangir’s Tomb, Lahore Zoo, Delhi Gate and Al Hammra Art Centre.

Hunza Valley:

Hunza Valley in northern area is a mountainous valley with great charm and beauty. This valley seems a paradise on earth. This valley has moderate climate with four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Along with attractive places, this valley also contains a variety of restaurants which include Hidden Paradise Hunza, Glacier Breeze Restaurant, Ginger fort Cafe, Cafe Culture Hunza, Yak Grill, Osho Maraka, Mountain Cup, Sips and Bites, Hunza Cuisine, Magpie Nest, Bazouq Restaurant, Rewayat Restaurant Ganish Hunza, Tree House Cafe and Maizbaan Restaurant Hunza.

Famous places in this valley include Altit Fort, Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Attabad Lake, Passu Glacier, Kunjerab Pass, Borith Lake, Gojal Valley, Ganish, Shim Shal, Batura Glacier, Kalam Darchi Fort, Sacred Rocks of Hunza, Hunza River, Patundas Meadows and Lady Finger Peak.

Swat Valley:

Swat Valley, also known as Swat District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. It is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning charm and beauty. This valley has considerably cooler climate with four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Top restaurants in this valley include Food Bank, Zaytoon Restaurant, Café De Swat, China Town, Fahad Ak’s Villa, Bannu Beef Pulao and Cedar Huts.

Famous places in this valley include Saidu Sharif, Mingora City and Bazar, Swat Museum, Murghzar White Palace, Maydan, Bahrain, Shingrai Waterfall, Shingardar Stupa, Shangla Top, Malam Jabba Ski Resort, Kalam Valley, Gabin Jabba, Kumrat Valley, Fizagart Park, Ushu, Tall and Dardiyal and Peuchar Valley.

Badshahi Mosque:

Pakistan has various cultural and historical sites but the most famous among them are Badshahi Mosque and Mohenjo-Daro.

The Badshahi Mosque is a historical mosque in Lahore that was built between 1671 and 1673 by the sixth Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb. This mosque is located in the heart of Lahore across Lahore Fort. It is made up of carved red sandstone. It is an example of Mughal architecture. 


Mohenjo-Daro is an archeological site in Sindh province of Pakistan. In 1980, Mohenjo-Daro was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was the largest city of Indus civilization. Its size is about three miles in circuit.

The ruins give the idea that the people who lived there were civilized and great urban planners. The houses were built after proper planning because the civilization has proper water drainage system and well managed streets. In short this site has great importance for archeologists.

Overall, I am optimistic that you would have got the answer of question, Is Pakistan safe for tourists

Safety Measures and Tips for Tourists:

A tourist visits different places and come across with different cultures. He doesn’t even know the language and customs of the place he is going to visit. Therefore, tourists must follow safety measures. Some of the tips are:

  • Tourist should not wear jewelry because the jewelry will make him/her an obvious target for robbery. 
  • Tourist must be smart with money and he should not keep the money in one place. Instead he should use a bank account and withdraw enough money for daily expenses.
  • Visitors should research for the place they are going to visit and get to know about local scams over there.
  • Tourists must know the emergency numbers and should save them in phone.
  • Tourists should use cross body bags instead of handbags and shoulder bags. Because cross body bags are safer and the visitor does not fall an easy prey to the robber.
  • While travelling, tourists should use reputable transport companies and they must keep digital copies of important documents.
  • Tourists must pay attention to their surrounding and notice what’s going on there. Avoid walking down empty streets.
  • Travellers should respect local customs. For this they should sit back and observe, dress properly, respect for their high values, a little knowhow about their history and paying attention to the behavior of locals in different situations.

Experiences of Foreign Tourists:

Pakistan is a country which is rich in culture and heritage. Around 1.9 million foreign tourists visit Pakistan every year. Locals are much friendly to foreign visitors. They go out of their way to make foreigners feel like family. Offering tea and dinner to travelers is a glimpse of rich culture of Pakistan. People here are generous, kind and warm hearted.

They often present gifts to their guests without expecting anything in return. Foreigners find friendly faces everywhere they go in the country. Foreigners won’t find such warm welcoming experience elsewhere in the world. 

Understanding Travel Advisories:

Travel advisory also known as travel warning/ travel alert is an official statement which is issued by government for providing information about safety of travelling to different regions. By this traveler find ease in making decisions regarding visiting specific regions. They are informed about the security measures of that region. 

Besides govt. there are travel companies which plan tours for travelers. Adventure treks is a private travel company in Pakistan. This company offers complete tour packages to its client. Before closing a deal, they inform the travelers about security risks, days for trip, transportation, accommodation and provision of food.

Local Support and Community Help:

Local community play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of tourists. Because Pakistan is home to various archeological, historical and religious attractions, therefore a large number of travelers visit Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are famous for hospitality all over the world.

Foreigners spend a great time with locals here. They just like feel like a family. This hospitality helps in promoting tourism. Besides that, locals are aware of risks in their areas and they inform their foreign guests about these risks and suggest some precautionary measures to them. 

The other good thing is there are local guides at every tourist destination. They charge a little and guide travellers throughout their journey. Local guides use the safest routes while travelling. They never take tourists to loneliest and dangerous place. They are well mannered and educated and take care of moral and religious values of travelers. 


Everyone loves nature and plans to explore the natural beauty. Some love to visit historical places while others love archeological sites. Pakistan is a country which is bestowed with natural beauty, historical and archeological sites.

That’s the reasons travelers choose to visit Pakistan to explore its tremendous beauty. Now the question arises here: Is Pakistan safe for tourists and travel? Does Pakistan have necessary security measures for tourists? The answer is ‘yes’. Pakistan is a safer country for tourists. They are treated in a humanly manner. 

Rich cultural heritage like Mohenjo-Daro and historical places like Badshahi Mosque draw the attraction of foreigners to visit Pakistan. Also the landscapes of Hunza and Swat valley attract those who are seeking natural beauty. Travelers have a glimpse on rich culture of Pakistan.

They find the locals warm hearted and hospitable. Foreigners are mostly invited by the locals for tea or dinner. They present gifts to their guest while they leave. This creates a positive impact in development of tourism industry.

In short Pakistan is the best place to visit historical, archeological and natural sites with rich culture and hospitality.

Travelers find difficulty in visiting a place for the first time because they are not aware of transportation, food and accommodation services over there. Moreover, they are also not aware of culture and traditions. To tackle with this problem, the best solution is to find a package with a travel company.

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Adventurer treks and tours is a company which provides the Best Customize My Tour Package. They offer complete tour packages including transportation, accommodation and food. Professional guides make the visit more enjoyable. 


Is Pakistan safe for tourists and travel Alone? 

Absolutely yes. Pakistan is safe for everyone who loves to travel either he/she is alone or with family. Govt. has established departments which ensure the safety of tourists.

Solo Travel Tips and Precautions:

Solo travelers must follow some tips to ensure security. Solo travelers should:

  • Research for destination place
  • Learn a little bit of local language
  • Be aware of local scams
  • Be aware of surrounding 
  • Have digital copies of important documents
  • Secure valuable things
  • Choose safe accommodation
  • Travel with reputable transport companies

What are the Safest Places to Visit in Pakistan?

Travelers find safety everywhere in Pakistan. But govt. has taken special measures to enhance the security in most visited historical, archeological and natural sites like Badshahi Mosque, Mohenjo-Daro, Hunza Valley and Swat Valley.

List of Safe and Tourist Friendly Locations:

There are plenty of safe and tourist friendly locations in Pakistan. Some of them are:

What Should I do in Case of an Emergency?

In case of any emergency you should remain calm and take time to think.

  • Seek help from locals.
  • Contact the emergency helpline numbers.
  • Follow precautionary measures.

How do I Respect Local Customs and Traditions?

While traveling one must respect local customs and traditions. Some of the tips are:

  • Sit back and observe locals
  • Dress properly
  • Respect for their high values
  • Learning a little bit about history
  • Involve in social projects
  • Look for good

Brief Guide on Cultural Etiquette:

Cultural etiquette refers to the norms that are considered appropriate or inappropriate and polite or impolite.  Cultural etiquette is important because it reflect one’s personality. They are also important because they help in better understanding of culture. Following cultural norms build meaningful connections and differences are forgotten.

Is it Safe for Women to Travel to Pakistan?

Yes, women are safe if they plan to travel to Pakistan. Govt. has taken special measures to enhance the security in most visited historical, archeological and natural sites. 

Safety Tip for Female Travellers:

Female travellers must follow some safety tips while travelling. Some of the tips are:

  • Use reputable transport companies
  • Avoid wearing jewelry
  • Dress according to the culture
  • Avoid walking down empty streets
  • Be alert at public places

Do I Need Any Vaccinations Before Travelling to Pakistan?

 WHO recommends following vaccinations before travelling to Pakistan.

  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Hepatitis A
  • Polio
  • Hepatitis B
  • Covid-19
  • Pneumonia
  • Measles

Health and Vaccination Advice:

Health should be the outmost priority before travelling. Proper vaccination should be done on time to avoid health risks. Although your destination can provide health facilities but safety is important. You can find the latest information on vaccinations and health risks in Travel Health Pro’s Pakistan guide.

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