Family Tour Packages in Pakistan

Family Tour Packages in Pakistan

Vacations allow families to get rid of stressful and busy life for some time span and also allow families to completely neglect any duties and responsibilities.

Families try to make these vacations enjoyable and tend to make lifelong memories. For making these lifelong memories, they Family Tour Packages in Pakistan according to their interests. 

Some plan to visit the spots that are bestowed with natural beauty, some visit historical places, some find happiness in archeological ruins while others find thrill in adventure.

Nature enthusiasts believe that looking deep into nature help in better understanding of everything because Nature relaxes and soothes the mind. Family tours are always interesting, enjoyable and stress releasing.

Why Choose Pakistan for Family Tours:

Pakistan is a gorgeous land with many famous historical, archeological, adventurous and natural spots for tourists. This wonderful piece of land need to be visited by daring travelers.

This is a land with immense cultural beauty, hospitable people, breathtaking landmarks and zestful cities. Besides that, it’s rational to consider the security of the place before travelling.

Why Choose Pakistan for Family Tours
Why Choose Pakistan for Family Tours

Pakistan is safe in this sense. Millions of foreigners visit Pakistan every year and they recommend Pakistan as an ideal tourist destination.

Government of Pakistan has taken special measures regarding the security of tourists. Tourist police department has been established and there are number of security check posts to ensure guest safety.

Cultural legacy, numerous tourist destinations, dynamic cities and security assurance make Pakistan the best choice for family tours.

Top Destinations for Family Tours in Pakistan:

Pakistan has a wide range of tourist destinations. It doesn’t disappoint any kind of visitor whether he/she wants to visit historical, natural, archeological or adventurous spots. Some popular destinations for family tours in Pakistan are:

Northern Areas:

Northern areas in Pakistan are famous for their immense beauty and scenery in the world. These sceneries and spots are a source of relief from stress and anxiety.

Some of the globally recognized spots in northern areas are:

  1. Chitral Valley: Chitral valley is located in Chitral district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. This valley has the blissful and the most beautiful landscapes, steep mountains with massive glaciers which make it an ideal place for hikers and climbers.
  2. Swat Valley: Swat is known as Switzerland of Pakistan. This valley is located in Swat district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It’s awful lakes, rivers, waterfalls and mountains give the view of paradise on earth.
  3. Azad Kashmir: Azad Kashmir is located in north-east of Pakistan at a distance of only 82 km from Islamabad. The beautiful spots like Neelum valley, Sharda, Keran, Kel and Arang Kel make it a popular tourist destination.
  4. Naltar Valley: This valley is situated 34 km away Gilgit city in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. This valley is famous for its magnificent green meadows and gorgeous peaks. It is a great place for nature enthusiasts.
  5. Naran Kaghan: Naran Kaghan is the most famous tourist destination in Pakistan. These valleys are located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Naran Kaghan is home of pine trees. Best places to visit in Naran Kagan include Naran valley, Saif ul Malook Lake and bridge, Kunhar river, Ansoo Lake, Babusar pass and Siri Paye Meadows.
  6. Fairy Meadows: Fairy Meadows are situated in Diamer district of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Fairy Meadows are named after German climbers. It is locally known as Joot. This is a special spot for hikers and climbers. There is also a chance of land sliding in Summer.
  7. Hunza Valley: It is a mountainous valley in northern part of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. This valley is surrounded by lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains and blue water rivers making it a paradise for nature and adventure enthusiasts. Therefore, travellers show great interest in its natural landscapes. Best places to visit in Hunza include Altit Fort, Attabad Lake and Shimshal Valley.
  8. Skardu Valley: Skardu is situated in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. It is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Pakistan. This valley has attraction for the mountaineers looking for adventure. Famous places to visit in Skardu include Deosai National Park, Upper Kachura Lake, Manthokha Waterfall, Sadpara Lake, Kharphocho Fort, K2 Museum, Sheosar Lake, Katpana Desert, Manthal Budha Rock, Burji Laa Pass, Kargah Buddha and Buddhist Trail.

Historical Places:

Being a culturally rich country, Pakistan has numerous historical sites. Some of them are:

  1. Makli Necropolis: Since 1981, it is a United Nations World Heritage site which covers the area of 10 square km. It is located near Thatta, city of Sindh, Pakistan. This funeral site has around 500000 graves of governors, royal families, religious scholars and Sufis etc. These graves are decorated with stone bricks which makes it a must visit place for tourists.
  2. Katas Raj Temple: Katas Raj Temple is situated near Kallar Kahar and it is 2000 feet above from sea level. This monument is a set of temples surrounded by a pond called Katas. Hindus regard this as a sacred pond because they believe that it was created by the tears of Shiva. This pond is spread in 2 kanals and 15 marlas having a depth of 20 feet.
  3. Badshahi Mosque: The Badshahi Mosque is a historical mosque in Lahore that was built between 1671 and 1673 by the sixth Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb. This mosque is located in the heart of Lahore across Lahore Fort. It is made up of carved red sandstone. It is an example of Mughal architecture.
  4. Derawar Fort: Derawar Fort is located in the Cholistan Desert in Punjab, Pakistan. It was built by a Hindu ruler Rai Jajja Bhati in 9th century AD. This fort is square shaped and it’s walls give enormous view from outside with a parameter of 1500m and surrounded by 30 m tall bastions.
  5. Lahore Fort: Lahore Fort being a most famous fort in Pakistan is another example of Mughal architecture. It was built in 17th century during Mughal Dynasty and many emperors added monuments to it. Its main gate, The Alamgiri Gate, was later built by the Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir.
  6. Shalimar Gardens: Shalimar Gardens are famous for their natural beauty as well as for architectural work. It was built in 1641 during Mughal Dynasty but later in 1981, this artwork was added to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These gardens cover an area of 16 Hectares and divided into three terraces and each terrace is 4-5 feet lower than the first one.
  7. Mohenjo-Daro: Mohenjo-Daro is an archeological site in Sindh province of Pakistan. In 1980, Mohenjo-Daro was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was the largest city of Indus civilization. Its size is about three miles in circuit. The ruins give the idea that the people who lived there were civilized and great urban planners. The houses were built after proper planning because the civilization has proper water drainage system and well managed streets. 
  8. Noor Mahal: Noor Mahal is a palace located in Bahawalpur city of Punjab, Pakistan. It was built by Nawab Adnan Abbasi IV. It covers an area of 44,600 feet and has 32 rooms. It has 6 verandas and 5 domes representing Corinthian Style of architecture. Its walls contain imaginary pictures of the Nawab himself but only one of them is real.
  9. Takht-e-Bahi:  Takht-i-Bahi means “Throne of Spring Water”. It is one of the oldest monasteries located in Mardan city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. This monastery is also included in UNESCO World Heritage site.
  10. Baltit Fort: This 700 years old fort is located in Hunza valley Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. In 2004, it was recognised as UNESCO World Heritage site. British invaded this fort in December 1891 and many changes were made during this invasion. Now it’s a museum and popular tourist place which offers a ballistic view of Karimabad, Hunza valley.

Coastal Areas:

Pakistan is bestowed with unique and unparalleled coastal regions. Some famous coastal areas include:

  1. Gwadar: Gwadar is a famous port city located on the shores of Arabian Sea in Balochistan, Pakistan. Famous places to visit in Gwadar are Astola beach, Ormara beach, Hammerhead, Buzzi pass, Koh e Batil, Hingol national park, Princess of hope, Gwadar cricket stadium and Gwadar port.
  2. Gadani Beach: Gadani beach is located on Arabian Sea in Hub district of Balochistan, Pakistan. This beach contains one of the world’s largest ship breaking yards. The crystal-clear water of this beach adds to its beauty.
  3. Pasni: Pasni is a fishing port located on Arabian Sea in the Gwadar district of Balochistan, Pakistan. Hills of Makran coastal range adds more beauty to it. It is becoming a famous tourist destination day by day.
  4. Clifton Beach: It is also known as sea view. It is the most famous beach in Karachi, Pakistan. It starts from Karachi and ends in Ormara. It is a most wanted tourist destination.
  5. Makran: Makran is a coastal range in the province of Balochistan, Pakistan. The beauty of this coastal range lies in its mountain ranges. Famous places in Makran include Makran coastal highway, Koh e Murad Kech and Punno fort.
  6. Jiwani: Jiwani is a town across the Gulf of Oman in Gwadar district of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is famous for mangrove forest across Iran and Pakistan border.
  7. Manora: It is a peninsula that creates a border between the Arabian Sea and Karachi Harbour. Manora is also home to Peelu trees. These trees provide protection against erosion. Manora fort and its long sandy beaches are famous tourist destinations.

Best Time to Visit Pakistan with Family:

Weather is the most important consideration before planning a tour. The most favorable time to discover Pakistan is March-September.

The nature and adventure enthusiasts plan to visit northern areas of Pakistan and it is impossible for them to visit in winter because of extreme weather conditions and snowfall. 

Besides that, the students of history tend to explore historical places. The best time for them is March-April and September-October. Because in these months’ temperature becomes moderate and weather conditions are not harsh. 

Now taking in to consideration the beach lovers, the best time for them to enjoy is March-September. Therefore, it is highly recommended that families should visit Pakistan during these months in order to have full enjoyment and ensure safety.

Types of Family Tour Packages in Pakistan:

There are several types of family tour packages available for families in Pakistan. You should review all of these and choose the best according to your requirements to have a memorable trip.

All-Inclusive Family Packages

If you want to get rid of all the responsibilities and just focus on enjoying your vacation with your family, an all-inclusive family package is the right choice for you. It means that almost everything on the trip will be managed by the tourism company as you have paid for everything in advance. 

It includes transport, accommodation, meals, sightseeing, activities, entertainment etc. You will not have to pay for anything as long as you are on your vacation. So just focus on exploring new places and creating memories for a lifetime. These packages are designed to cover almost everything that one might need on a tour.

Adventure Family Packages

If you love adventure and thrill, you can visit various Beautiful places in Pakistan to satisfy your hunger. Adventure tour packages for families cover areas like Naran Valley, Kaghan Valley, Azad Kashmir, Hunza Valley, Skardu Valley, Swat Valley etc. There is a long list of tourist destinations in Pakistan in every province. 

You should make a list of the places that you wish to visit. Try exploring the destinations on the list one by one. The valleys, lakes, mountains and natural beauty of Pakistan will give you goosebumps.

Every tourist destination has something different and unique to offer to the tourists. You just need to relax, compare and choose the most suitable adventure family package for your family.

Cultural and Historical Family Packages

 If you want to explore the diverse culture of Pakistan, there are several places you will want to visit. Cultural and historical family Tour packages include visiting areas like Kalash Valley, Badshahi Mosque, Shalimar Gardens, Lahore Fort, Mohenjo-Daro, Noor Mahal, Baltit Fort etc.

Several places in Pakistan hold significance due to their historical background like the Swat Museum, Shah Jahan Mosque, Rohtas Fort, Buddhist Ruins of Takht-i-Bahi, etc. 

Apart from these, there are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well.  You can opt for a historical family package if you love ancient sites. However, if you want to be amused by the multi-ethnic culture of the region, try to visit these places during their cultural festivals. 

Customized Family Packages

 A customized family package can be the best option for you if you want to have a dream vacation. The main reason is it allows you to choose everything according to your needs.

Starting from choosing the destination, date of travel, mode of transportation, accommodation, meals, places to visit, duration of stay activities to perform, etc. 

The best part is that you have plenty of options available for everything and you can choose the most appropriate option for yourself.

The very first step is to pick a tourist destination in Pakistan that you want to explore with your family. Secondly, choose everything according to your preferences so that you don’t get disappointed.

How to Choose the Right Family Tour Package?

Choosing the right family tour package includes taking into consideration the budget, activities and interests and travel duration.

Plenty of destinations and tour packages are available but choosing the right one ensures safety and hustle free traveling experience. Reputable tour companies help in exploring the hidden gems and right destination for you. 

A complete tour package includes facilities like transportation, accommodation, meals and even a tour guide. Thus, families can choose the right tour package for them by contacting reputable tour companies and considering their budget, interests and travel duration.

Top Tour Operators Offering Family Packages in Pakistan:

There are numerous tour operators which offer family packages in Pakistan but the most reputable and reliable among them are:

  1. Adventurer Treks and Tours: This is a reputable tour company in Lahore, Pakistan which offers family tours packages to explore nature and Heritage. Their tour destinations include Hunza valley, Nathia Gali, Skardu valley, Naran Kaghan valley, Neelum valley, Fairy Meadows and Swat valley. Tour length is 3-10 days.
  2. Exploria: Exploria is a travel company in Islamabad, Pakistan. It provides 35 tours in Pakistan to different destinations. Their tour length ranges from 1-24 days and per day cost starts from $70.
  3. Crossroads Adventure: Crossroads adventure is a tour operating company in Hunza Nagar, Pakistan. They provide 21 different tours across Pakistan to different locations. Their tour length ranges from 3-22 days and per day cost starts from $170.
  4. Gypsy Traces and Tours: It is a purpose-built tour operating company in Islamabad, which offers 22 tours across different destinations in Pakistan. Their tour length ranges from 1-23 days and per day cost starts from $65.
  5. Rock Valley Tours Pvt Limited: It is a tour operating company having headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan. They provide 32 different tour packages across different destinations in Pakistan. Their tour length ranges from 3-60 days and per day cost starts from $90.

Tips for a Successful Family Tour in Pakistan:

There are various things to be considered to ensure a safe and successful family tour. Families must do proper planning before leaving.

They must set a budget, plan their activities, choose the right destination, pack smart and light and they must search for discount keeping in mind their destination, budget and activities.

Families must have packing essentials with them. These essentials include cameras, clothes, jackets, deodorant, headphones, sunglasses, medication, chargers, hair brush and comb, shampoo, dental floss and aid kit etc.

Families must follow some tips and procedures to ensure the safety of their tour. To ensure safety, they must have first aid kit with them, research their destination, secure travel insurance, emergency contacts information, choose a safe accommodation, prepare kids in advance, evacuation plan and securing the valuables.

Book Your Pakistan Tour Packages Today!

While traveling with family you have to ensure more safety. Families face a lot of difficulties while traveling. In order to overcome these hurdles, families should plan their trip with a reputed travel agency. There are a lot of tour package offering agencies. 

Naran Kaghan Velly

Customized Tour Packages for Pakistan

Plan the trip of your dreams with our customized packages tailored to your interests, preferences and above all, your budget.

Adventurer treks and tours is also one of them which offers great services and ensure safety for a family tour. Adventurer treks and tours offers family tours packages to explore nature and Heritage.

Their tour destinations include Hunza valley, Nathia Gali, Skardu valley, Naran Kaghan valley, Neelum valley, Fairy Meadows and Swat valley. So if you are planning a tour with family, you must go for adventurer treks and tors.


What are the best family tour packages in Pakistan?

Best family tour packages in Pakistan include tour to Naran Kaghan Valley, Skardu Valley, Swat Valley and Hunza Valley.

Is Pakistan safe for family travel?

Yes, Pakistan is one of the safest country for family travel.

What should I pack for a family tour in Pakistan?

You must pack some essentials for a family tour in Pakistan which include cameras, clothes, jackets, deodorant, headphones, sunglasses, medication, chargers, hair brush and comb, shampoo, dental floss and aid kit etc.

What is full package tour for family?

Full package tour for family is a fixed cost package tour arranged by a travel company which includes traveling, hoteling, meals and sometimes tour guides.

What are the risks in a family tour?

There may be different risks in a tour depending upon the destination place. Some common risks include natural disasters, diseases, wildlife, and infrastructure issues.

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