6 BEST Things to Do in Islamabad

6 BEST Things to Do in Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and it is located in the Margalla Hills in the northern part of Pakistan. Islamabad city was built in the 1960s during the reign of Ayyub Khan especially, for the capital of Pakistan. the city is famous for its natural beauty, beautiful architecture, and hub for administration and politics.

Moreover, there are lots of beautiful places that visitors can visit in Islamabad, including Faisal mosque, Lok Versa Museum, hike Margalla Hills, Pakistan Monument, Rawal Lake and a shop at Saidpur village. Additionally, most countries have their embassies in Islamabad.

Overall, the city of Islamabad is a place of attraction for nature lovers, adventurers, explorers and photographers. Islamabad is popular for its rich culture and historical sites. People from across the world come to visit Islamabad every year. 

List Of BEST Things to Do in Islamabad
List Of BEST Things to Do in Islamabad

List Of BEST Things to Do in Islamabad

  • Historical and cultural sites
  • Outdoor activities in Islamabad
  • Local experiences in Islamabad 
  • Local experiences in Islamabad 
  • Unique attractions in Islamabad
  • Travel and transportation in Islamabad

Furthermore, Islamabad city offers lots of outdoor activities, including cycling, hiking, hockey, and cricket with beautiful lush green scenery these are the best things to do in Islamabad. The city of Islamabad is a well-managed city.

Most diplomats come to Pakistan and stay in Islamabad owing to its natural beauty which attracts them to stay forever.

Historical and cultural sites

There are many historical and cultural sites in Islamabad, including Faisal Mosque, Margalla Hills, Lok Virsa Museum, Rawal Lake, Pakistan Monument and Saidpur village can be mapped across historical, cultural, and outdoor activities. These are the places of attraction for nature lovers, adventurers and photographers.

Moreover, the infrastructure and architecture still make Islamabad a most beautiful city in Pakistan. The road and transportation system is better and Islamabad connects the other beautiful sites like Muree and Naraan Kaghan via the motorway.

Visitors must visit Faisal mosque if they are interested in visiting Islamabad. Faisal mosque was built by King Shah Faisal and its beautiful four pillars and stunning architecture make it more wonderful place in Islamabad.

Moreover, Saidpur village is another beautiful old village in Islamabad. Visitors should not forget to explore Saidpur village. Saidpur village is comprised of old shops and old houses which remind us how old people of Islamabad were living. These are the Islamabad cultural landmarks and historical sites in Islamabad.

Outdoor activities in Islamabad

Islamabad offers many opportunities to visitors for outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, boating and fishing these are the best things to do in Islamabad. the favourable temperature attracts travellers from across the world to indulge in many outdoor activities.

Hiking in Margalla Hills is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable scenes for the hiker. Margalla Hills is comprised of hills and different trails to walk on. You can enjoy the exposure to Islamabad by hiking in the Margalla hills.

Boating on Rawal Lake is another outdoor activity offered by Islamabad. Boating in Rawal lake is fun for the visitors and the best time to explore the water of the lake through boating. it is good advice for the photographer, nature lover and adventurer to visit Rawal Lake these are the best things to do in Islamabad.

Furthermore, Jasmine Park and Walk-in F9 parks are famous Islamabad’s parks and recreation. People visit the parks to walk on the paths and enjoy picnics too. These parks are decorated with colourful flowers, especially jasmine flowers.

Local experiences in Islamabad 

Visitors have lots of things for the local experiences. They can experience the Sunday market (if tar bazaar) is held every Sunday in the D-12 sector of Islamabad. You can experience different cultural things, clothes, and street food at Melody Food Park. Street food in Islamabad and budget travel in Islamabad are necessary to survive. 

The price in the Sunday market is affordable for everyone. Additionally, shopping in Itwar bazaar, chai at Quetta Tea and teas and local breakfast at Cheema and Chatta offers delicious foods and it makes the more attractive Sunday market.

Experience the beautiful exposure of Islamabad’s market, including Jinnah supermarket and Sitara market. You will get traditional clothes and handicrafts at a reasonable price. Moreover, visiting the beautiful and most popular site damn e Koh will increase your knowledge in your experience this Islamabad’s beautiful sightseeing specifically useful for historical and cultural sites.

By attending cultural events and festivals such as concerts on music in which various local traditional singers participate. It is the time for the visitor to engage in some such festivals which can enhance the experience to understand the local culture of Islamabad.

Unique attractions in Islamabad

There are many unique Islamabad tourist attractions which attract nature lovers, adventurers, explorers and photographers who travel from across the globe. Islamabad offers various kinds of attractive places such as views of sunsets at the Pakistan monument, exploring Golra railway station etc.

Pakistan monument is famous for its historical richness and beautiful architecture. It is located at shakarparian hills which provides a wonderful view of the city. The good time to visit the Pakistan monument is, at sunset. Visitors enjoy the sunset views of the Pakistan monument.

Moreover, visitors must explore Golra railway station. It is also a unique attraction for visitors. Golra railway station has significance owing to its historical background. It is located in the Margalla hills. The Golra railway station has colonial- architecture and a railway museum and documents related Pakistan railway will help to understand the history of the Pakistan railway.

F9 Park is also called Fatima Jinnah Park. It is one of the renowned urban parks in Islamabad. Parks have many opportunities, including walking tracks, recreational facilities and many more it is spanned over 700 acres.

Furthermore, music at Shah Allah Dita brings entertainment for the visitors. Visitors can be entertained through folk music, and poetry performed by local musicians.

Travel and transportation in Islamabad

The travel and transportation system of Islamabad relies on public transportation, taxis and ride-sharing, private vehicles, cycling and walking. Mostly people who belong to the middle class mainly use public transportation. Visitors must understand the travel tips for Islamabad before planning the trip tour for Islamabad.

Besides, the elite class of Pakistan is living in Islamabad therefore they are using their transportation system like personal vehicles. Mostly people who don’t hold their vehicle rent a vehicle for the specific work.

Metro bus service is much affordable and its routes connect all main areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Apart from the metro buses, there are other transportation buses, taxis and sharing, such as Careem and Uber a motorcycle in Islamabad

Moreover, some people use private vehicles because roads are well maintained and wide which does not affect the traffic system of the city. Further, people who are interested in cycling and walking use cycles and some of those running.

Accommodations and dining 

Islamabad city is famous for its accommodations and dining. Accommodations mean staying at some place there are many hotels, motels, resorts and vacation rentals for the visitors who come to visit Islamabad across the globe. 

There are many top rated restaurants in islamabad, and rentals that offer different kinds of amenities including, swimming pools, gyms, breakfast and a Wi-Fi network. There is an online facility to book the accommodation Ramada by Wyndham in Islamabad, Pearl Continental Hotel Islamabad, Marriott Hotel Islamabad and Serena Hotel Islamabad are the best places to stay in Islamabad.

Dining in Islamabad means a meal at home or any other place. There are many kinds of foods offered by Islamabad, including fast food joints, food trucks, buffets, casual eateries etc. different types of cuisine, like Italian, Mexican and Chinese offered by the different places. The budget stays in Islamabad.


Overall, Islamabad is considered a beautiful city among the world’s capital cities. Islamabad offers various opportunities for visitors to indulge in outdoor activities in Islamabad and explore Islamabad’s new things.

Islamabad is famous for its natural beauty and beautiful sites, including, Rawal Lake, Margalla Hills, Faisal mosque Shakespearian, Golra railway station and many beautiful sites which attract nature lovers, adventurers and photographers who come from across the globe.

If you are making plans to visit Islamabad and you want assistance in this regard. We are here to assist you by providing services according to your desire. If you have any queries regarding travel guidance can freely contact us.

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What are the must-visit landmarks in Islamabad?

There are many popular places in Islamabad, including damn- e- Koh, Faisal mosque, Pakistan Monument, Lok versa museum and Margalla Hills are beautiful landmarks in Islamabad.

What outdoor activities can I enjoy in Islamabad?

There are many outdoor activities offered by Islamabad, such as hiking trails in Margalla Hills National Park, boating on Rawal Lake and walking through Lake View Park these are the best things to do in Islamabad.

Where can I experience the local culture and arts in Islamabad?

There are many places to experience the local culture and arts in Islamabad, including the Lok Versa museum, by exploring the tradition of Saidpur village and the Pakistan National Council of Arts.

What are some family-friendly attractions in Islamabad?

Family can enjoy at Islamabad Zoo, by arranging the picnic at Shakarparian Park, and by enjoying funfair at Rawalpindi cricket stadium.

Where can I find the best shopping spots in Islamabad?

There are many shopping spots in Islamabad, including Jinnah Supermarket, Centaurus Mall, and Itwar Bazaar at D-12 are famous shopping spots.

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