Best time to visit Skardu

Best time to visit Skardu: Complete Travel Guide 2024

Pakistan has significant geographic location in the south Asia. It has beautiful valleys and highest peaks of the world particularly, in northern areas. Skardu is one of the stunning places to visit in the northern area of Pakistan. Skardu is located at Baltistan in the heart of Karakoram range.

Moreover, world’s second largest peak k2 and beautiful lake namely Shangri-la resort, Deosai national park, Sarfarnga desert, Katpana desert is located in Skardu.

Allah has bestowed the Skardu with treasure of natural wonders, rich culture and opportunities for the nature lover, adventurer and photographer it is best time to visit Skardu.

Further, there are many places to visit in the Skardu for visitors. Visitors can enjoy the snowfall in the winter season, adventurer can discover many things by summiting the k2 and photographer can take the picture of different beautiful places.

Overall, many visitors come to visit Skardu every year from across the globe and they enjoy every season of Skardu.

Beautiful valleys, highest peaks and stunning lakes and wonderful wildlife attract the visitor towards Skardu to explore the new things of natural beauty.

Best Season to Visit Skardu

Skardu is beautiful place among the beautiful places of the world. It is comprising on wonderful highest peaks, beautiful rivers, stunning lakes and attractive wildlife. Visitors from across the world come to visit the Skardu for exploring the natural beauty of Skardu.

Best Season to Visit Skardu
Best Season to Visit Skardu

Moreover, traveler can travel throughout year. Every season of the year offers stunning opportunities for the visitor to explore new things.

It is dream to achieve such destination for many adventurers, nature lover and photographer to visit such beautiful sites faraway from the noise of cities.

Skardu in Spring Season 

Spring season brings colorful weather and makes the place paradise for the visitors. The valleys transform into colorful flowers and mountains looks stunning with covered with snow. Springs season gradually transforms into colorful wildflowers and snow starts to melt.

Moreover, during spring season the temperature starts to rise up and it offers many outdoor activities to visitors. Nature lover enjoys at edge of Shangri-la lake and the Indus River which makes the valley more beautiful it is best time to visit Skardu.

Furthermore, photographer indulge in photography and they catch the scene of green scenery and adventurer prepare themselves for the trekking, hiking and boating. Additionally, many mountains climber comes in this season to summit the k2.

Besides, farmer prepare themselves for the upcoming crops plantation, they plant many apricot orchards and apple blossom. Farmer cultivate the field for various crops such as potatoes, peas.

Skardu in Summer Season

Summer season brings lots of outdoor activities for the traveler such as, trekking, boating, skiing. In this season temperature rises up and glacier starts to melt water flows down towards in the fields. The weather becomes pleasant and the cherry blossoms makes valley more beautiful season for optimal travel times to Skardu.  

Moreover, as the snow starts melting from the mountains the valleys transform into lush and green scenery with the stunning colorful wildflowers.

These days are refreshing days for the visitors and ideal Skardu climate conditions for the adventurer who are keen interested in the outdoor activities it is best time to visit Skardu.

The summer season offers variety of activities, such as trekking, camping, mountaineering and fishing. The region is famous for the many beautiful lakes like Shangri-la, Satpara lake where traveler can enjoy by boating or simply relax amidst serene surrounding.

Overall, summer offers lots of activities to do and the adventurer, nature lover and photographer come to visit from across the globe in this season it is peak tourism periods in Gilgit Baltistan.

Skardu in Autumn Season

Autumn season brings the weather of colorful wildflowers. The weather changes from warmth to cool and the leaves of trees gradually start to change in different color, such as red, yellow, gree etc. it changes the landscape of the Skardu and create the picturesque against the clear blue sky and rugged mountains.

Moreover, the season of autumn is harvest, farmer gather their crops before coming the winter. And they celebrate immense festivals and pleasant weather in Skardu attracts the visitor to entertain by the local cultural festivals. The people of Skardu participate with each other in the harvesting of crops and interact with each people.

Further, the weather in autumn season offers many activities, such as trekking, camping and photography for the visitors specially for the photographer who takes the photos of changing colors and explore the Skardu’s cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Overall, the season of autumn offers lots of activities in Skardu to do for the visitors and natural beauty of Skardu in autumn season which attracts the nature lover, adventurer and photographer to visit the beautiful sites of Skardu.

Skardu in Winter Season

Winter in Skardu brings the breathtaking winter wonderland in the region. Everything in winter covered with snow transform the region into white paradise. The beautiful peaks of Himalayas and Karakoram range are covered with snow, makes an attracting backdrop against the clear blue sky.

Moreover, temperature in winter season slows down and everything going to start freeze and it brings the sense of tranquility and serenity among them.

It emphasizes the most visitors, leave the beauty of region to be enjoyed by those searching a peaceful retreat. The frozen rivers and lakes offer lots of activities to do, including fishing, ice skating and other sports of winter.

Despite having cold weather, winter in Skardu offers lots of things to do by viewing the snow-covered landscape outside. Visitors can enjoy by staying at guesthouses and by eating traditional local foods and warm beverages.

Moreover, winter season in Skardu is also a season of cultural festivals and celebrations. Local get together for the celebration of holidays and traditional cultural festivals.

Visitor can engage themselves in the traditional cultural festivals by participating in these festivals. It provides visitor to explore the culture of local people of Skardu.

Weather Conditions in Skardu

Weather condition in Skardu does not remain same. Different season offers different weather conditions for visiting the Skardu. Before planning visitor must aware about the weather condition of every season.

Weather system in winter specially, snowfall effects the local weather. Therefore, visitor must understand regarding weather in winter before visiting the Skardu.

Moreover, accessibility towards the routes of Skardu may be close owing to land sliding, rainfall. These things may impact the tour of tourists. The expectation of visitor to explore the Skardu and its natural beauty may not fulfill.

Therefore, it is mandatory for the visitor to be informed about the Skardu tourist information, Skardu travel advisories and Skardu weather forecast.

Best Months to Visit Skardu 

The best months to visit Skardu is depend on the priority and activities of visitor’s interest. However, generally it is perceived that most famous and favorable months to visit Skardu are from spring to autumn.

Best Months to Visit Skardu
Best Months to Visit Skardu

Here are months to must visit in Skardu.

  • Skardu in march, temperature starts to rise up and snow gradually melt and it brings the lush green scenery for the visitors to enjoy the outdoor activities such as, boating, skating etc.
  • Skardu in April, it is best time to visit Skardu as temperature rises up and the season of cherry blossoms starts to flourish which makes the region colorful.
  • Skardu in June, is the peak tourist season in the summer. During June to august the season offers lots of activities to do for visitors like, boating, camping, hiking and trekking etc.
  • Skardu in September, is the season of autumn mainly leaves starts to change into different colors such as red, yellow and blue. The months from September to October is perceived as autumn season.
  • Skardu in December, is the month of winter season. Everything covered with snow and rivers, lakes are frozen. This month offers lots of activities like, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing it is perceived mainly off-season travel in Skardu.

Tourist Activities by Season 

By analyzing the tourist activities by season there are many different activities offered by the different season. Visitors come to visit the Skardu in every season.

Some of those are keen interested to visit in snowy season they visit in winter, and some of those are interested to explore the seasonal variations in Skardu in spring season they visit in spring many other visit in summer season owing to favorable weather conditions for the visit Skardu seasonal activities.

Spring season in Skardu, offers trekking, sightseeing, photography owing to lush green scenery in the time of spring. Temperature gradually rises up and snow starts to melt it creates the green landscape and blooming flowers in Skardu climate conditions.

Summer season in Skardu, offers the activities, including hiking, camping, boating and cultural festivals. It is generally perceived that summer is best time to visit the Skardu summer activities.

Autumn season in Skardu, offers the activities, such as fishing, trekking and photography. In this season leaves of trees changes the color into different colors like yellow, red and blow which create the colorful landscape of Skardu.

Winter season in Skardu, is the season of snowfall, everything capped with snow. The season of winter offers the sports activities, including skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and cultural immersion December would be best for Skardu winter tours.

Local Insight in Skardu

 Skardu is famous for its hospitality, people are hospitable and humble towards visitors. Skardu is popular for its rich cultural heritage, local folk music and local foods. They offer the guest to stay in the guest houses and treat with local foods specially dumplings (Momo), meat skewers (seekh kebab), and bread (chapati or naan).

Skardu is the famous for traditional cultural events and festivals and religious festivals as diverse religious communities are living in the region, including Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and each have their unique festivals and celebrations.

Agriculture cycles are depended on the region’s geography and climate. Spring is the season of preparation by the farmer of various crops.

In the summer season crops developed and grow rapidly. Farmer looks after their fields by proper irrigation and caring. It is the season of harvesting of some season, including tomatoes, barley and wheat.

In the autumn season is the second harvesting season of the Skardu including, vegetables, tomatoes, carrots and turnips. 

In the winter season Skardu transforms into cold weather temperature slows down and everything going to start freezing. It is mostly the time of rest for farmer and they focus in livestock.


Overall, the Skardu is beautiful place to visit. There are many places to visit for the travelers to explore new things in the Skardu.

Skardu offers many indoor and outdoor activities for the nature lover, adventurer and photographer. K2 Shangri-la lakes, Satpara lakes are the main reason of attraction for the visitors.

If you are unable to find the guider to help in trip guidance for the Skardu. Don’t worry we here to help our esteemed clients in this regard. we are offering the packages of services according to need of clients. feel free to contact with us while making the plain for trip to Skardu.


When is the best time to visit Skardu for trekking and outdoor activities?

Summer season is mainly perceived as good time to visiting the Skardu for trekking and outdoor activities.

What is the peak tourist season in Skardu?

Peak tourist season to visit the Skardu is summer season from June to august. Visitors can enjoy various outdoor activities and temperature is favorable to visiting Skardu in June.

Is it possible to visit Skardu in winter season?

Yes, it is possible to visit the beautiful places of Skardu in winter, particularly for those who are interested in snowboarding, skiing and ice skating.

When is the best time to visit the cherry blossoms season?

Springs brings the season of cherry blossoms it would be better for the visitors to visit in the months of February to march who are interested in to explore cherry blossoms.

Are there any cultural events and festivals worth experiencing in Skardu?

Yes, there are many diverse religious communities are living in Skardu with harmony. local celebration in Gilgit-Baltistan and different kind of festivals which attract the visitors to explore Skardu cultural experiences.

What are the recommended activities to do in Skardu?

There are different kind of activities offered by the Skardu in different season, including trekking, boating, photography etc.

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