Best Time to Visit Naran Kaghan

Best Time to Visit Naran Kaghan: Complete Travel Guide 2024

Naran Kaghan has its own prestige for beautiful regions. It has many beautiful lakes and many activities to do in the Naran Kaghan. It is situated in Mansehra district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

It is famous for its beauty, it comprises on beautiful valleys, clear lakes, high mountains and meadows with colourful weathers.

Moreover, it is beautiful destinations for tourists and adventure for the photographer, adventurer and nature lover. If you need guide regarding the Naran Kaghan then you are landed on right page. Here we will guide you about the best time to visit Naran Kaghan, activity-based timing.

Additionally, we will assist you in regard of best trekking month to visit Naran Kaghan, and fishing season in Naran Kaghan. There are many natural attractions cites to visit Naran Kaghan, including beautiful Saiful Mulook Lake, Lulusar lake, Babusar pass, Jalkhad and Siri Paye meadows are beautiful spots to must visit in Naran Kaghan it is best time to visit Naran Kaghan.

Here some of the seasonal descriptions are mentioned below that which season is best for to visit Naran Kaghan.

Best Season to Visit Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan is located at amidst of Himalayan range in heart of Pakistan. the best season to visiting Naran Kaghan is the four seasons of the year. Nature lover, adventurer, and photographer enjoy the all seasons of Naran Kaghan with changing landscape.

Tourist Activities by Season in Naran Kaghan
Tourist Activities by Season in Naran Kaghan

In summer season, owing to symphony of sunlight, there are many activities to do for visitors, including fishing, boating. Moreover, in winter season, there is season of snow in which all mountains are covered with snow and all beautiful lakes and valleys capped with snow.

Furthermore, in the season of autumn, leaves turn into golden colour and peaks changes their colour into black gold. And in the season of spring, the wildflower is blooming, the valleys surrounding with lush greenery and so on. Here the detail of all season is mentioned below.

 Naran Kaghan in spring

It is perceived that most pleasant season is spring season. It comes with the end of long remaining cold weather. Spring season brings the smile on sad faces owing to its pleasant weather.

Everything erupts as new thing. Like grass erupts with new lush greenery, trees grow with new green leaves, and entire valley looks colourful.

Moreover, flower blooms it brings the message of happiness and love and blooming wildflower is not less than the men is in heaven.

The fragrance of flowers spreads all over the region. Wildflowers creates the beautiful sunlight owing to carpet of meadows vibrant hues of red, purple, blue yellow and red.

In the spring, the weather is wonderful not to cold and hot it is only comfortable weather for the other activities like hiking, sightseeing and picnicking. Moreover, when snow starts melting, streams and waterfall gets life, falling down in the hill sides and making the natural beauty of the area. It is right time to enjoy for the soothing in Naran Kaghan in march.

The season of spring brings more happiness for the biodiversity, in the warming weather life at wild in Naran Kaghan becomes more active. When you visit you will see the spots birds chirping in the trees. 

Weather conditions and average temperature in Naran Kaghan makes more beautiful the region of Naran Kaghan. The best time to visit in Naran Kaghan is February, March, April. These months are suitable for the visitors to must visit the Naran Kaghan.

Outdoor activities during spring 

  • Hiking 
  • Picnicking 
  • Sightseeing

Naran Kaghan in summer season 

Summer is one of the four season which comes after the end of springs. In the summer the days becomes long and nights becomes short. Owing to sunlight temperature goes in the summer season. Therefore, more people wants to visit cold areas where temperature is low as compare to hot places. 

Moreover, much people involve in the outdoor activities, such cricket, volley ball, etc. it fosters the gatherings amidst family, friends, most people get to gather to celebrate summer holidays. And they make plan to trip for the cold areas.

However, in Naran Kaghan in the days of summer sun shines brightly, the weather becomes pleasant and warmth. In Summer Naran Kaghan in June and it lasts till August these are best months for trekking in Naran Kaghan. in the summer, you will look greenery everywhere. The meadows are surrounded with grass and beautiful wildflowers.

These months of summer makes the valleys lush and green and it attracts the adventurer, photographer and nature lover. During the summer people enjoys the boating, fishing and just relaxing at the edge of Saiful Mulook lakes. In summer Saiful Mulook lake sparkle under the sun.

Despite the warm weather in summer, cool breezes of mountain make comfortable environment for everyone. That refreshing movement makes your face happy and you will feel to explore the outdoor things.

Summer season is suitable season for the tourists to visit the valley. Because in summer the lakes look crystal-clear and ever lush greenery makes so happy in the warm weather.

Outdoor activities in summer

Here some of the outdoor activities offered by summer season at Naran Kaghan are mentioned below.

  • Hiking 
  • Picnicking 
  • Boating 
  • Sightseeing 
  • Swimming 
  • Enjoying sunshine

Naran Kaghan in autumn season  

Autumn season is one of well-known season among the four season of year. It starts after the end of summer season and before the beginning of winter season. The season of autumn normalise the temperature and changes in the weather from warm to cool. 

Moreover, the autumn season begins from September and lasts until the November is prepares the season for winter and days turn into short night turns into long nights. In autumn season everything changes the colour it is best time to visit in Naran Kaghan in October

Leaves of trees gradually begins changing, and hillsides are gradually capping the snow. Everything changes into different colours and it looks like entire valley is changing into unparalleled beauty this is also fishing season in Naran Kaghan.

Moreover, it is dream of every photographer to catch the memory of every scene which is changing with the season.

Every changing movement offers for the perfect picture like setting sun at the time of evening and transforming shape of mountains and rising sun at the time of morning creates chance for the photographer to click the pic of sun light which is passing through changing leaves of trees.

Outdoor activities in autumn 

  • Hiking and trekking 
  • Picnicking 
  • Photography
  • Fishing 
  • Bird watching 
  • Camping 
  • Jeep safaris 

Naran Kaghan in winter  

Winter is one of the popular season among the four seasons of year. It begins after the end of autumn and before the start of spring season mainly from December to February. After the coming of winter season everything transforms into white and white because everything mountain, grass covered with snow.

The snowy weather of Naran Kaghan is clear message to photographer to catch every scene into camera and it is ideal time for photography in Naran Kaghan. It also attracts the story writer to write the story book on fairies etc. 

The snowy season offers many things to do in Naran Kaghan. It is big fun for visitors, to making snowmen, fighting with snowball and snow-covered scene admires the visitor.

However, before planning the trip for Naran Kaghan you should keep in mind about the accessibility of routes. Naran Kaghan in December May be roads are covered with snow and the bad weather can arise the risk for visitor.

So, one should be informed by the authority will be better to visit Naran Kaghan in the season of winter. 

Activities in Naran Kaghan 

  • Skiing 
  • Snowboarding 
  • Sledding 
  • Snow ball fights 
  • Ice skating 
  • Snow shoeing 
  • Winter camping 

Weather Conditions in Naran Kaghan

Weather conditions in Naran Kaghan does not remain same in the all seasons. Weather is changing according to the changing of season. In spring starts after the end of winter season therefore, weather changes from cold to dry.

Snow starts melting from February to onwards and temperature gradually rises up. Moreover, then begins the season of summer and it brings lots of greenery in the region owing to best weather conditions.

Furthermore, the season of autumn starts and it brings beautiful colours of the leaves on the earth and temperature slows down to freezing.

Finally, winter brings the snow-capped peaks it covers everything in the Naran Kaghan. Nevertheless, the weather conditions are different in different seasons.

Best Months to Visit Naran Kaghan

  • In February to may snow starts to melt and lush green scenery appears visible and beautiful views of the valley attracts the tourist from across the world.
  • In June to august season considered as the summer and monsoon season. In this season many touristy visits to Naran Kaghan owing to comfortable temperature.
  • In September, autumn begins and the temperature freezing gradually, colors of leaves changes into many colors, in yellow, red, blue and it changes the landscape of mountains peaks.
  • In December, mainly in winter season is the time of closeup of every activity owing to heavy snowfall in the Naran Kaghan. Main routes mainly remain close and the local stays at the home.  

Tourist Activities by Season in Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan offers various indoor and outdoor activities by different season. Naran Kaghan offers hiking, boating, trekking, photography and skiing in different season. Here some of the activities in different seasons are mentioned below.

Tourist Activities by Season in Naran Kaghan
Tourist Activities by Season in Naran Kaghan

In spring, Naran Kaghan offers many outdoor activities like, hiking, trekking and lush green scenery to views the beautiful valley of Naran Kaghan. In summer, Naran Kaghan offers comfortable temperature to visit the Naran Kaghan and engaged in various outdoor activities such as boating and fishing.

In autumn, Naran Kaghan offers the colorful wildflowers and changing colors of leaves attracts visitor to takes picture of the stunning sites. In winter, Naran Kaghan offers the indoor activities and playing with snowballs, and enjoy the movement of snowfalls in the winter season. 

Local Insights in Hunza Valley

The people of Naran Kaghan are very humble and hospitable towards the visitors. The cultural history of Naran Kaghan is very rich and local cultural festivals entertain the visitors. Local people interact the tourist and invite them for warmth and friendliness.

Local foods like, apricots and apples and many other foods are popular in the Naran Kaghan. Residents treats the visitors with dry fruits and many fresh vegetables. These are the things that attracts the adventurer, nature lover and photographer to visit the Naran Kaghan eagerly.


Overall, Naran Kaghan offers all season to visit the different kind of spots, changing weather scenes in autumn and transforming from lush greenery to snow-capped peaks, forests and rivers.

The Naran Kaghan offers various kind of indoor and outdoor activities. It is much fun for visitors, mainly for the nature loving, adventurer and photographer.

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When is the Best Time to Visit Naran Kaghan?

Generally, people like to visit in summer season from May to September. During these days the weather is pleasant and wonderful exposure is there in Naran Kaghan.

What is weather like during the peak season?

During the peak season in Naran Kaghan are summer days, it goes warm at day and cool at night. The temperature mainly goes at the range of 10 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. However, summer offers many outdoor activities.

Is Naran Kaghan is available for winter season?

Yes, Naran Kaghan is available for winter season but there is some concern of bad weather. Before making plan to trip Naran Kaghan in winter season one should informed about the accessibility of routes and Naran Kaghan weather conditions.

Are there any specific months to avoid?

The season of monsoon, from July to august can bring the danger of heavy rain and danger of land sliding. Which can create the hurdle and disruption in the travel. It is mainly restricted to visit in these days.

Which fish is famous in Naran Kaghan?

If you love fishing, Naran Kaghan can be an ideal spot for you. The area is home to several freshwater streams. Trout fish is a famous specialty of the area. You must try out this famous dish whenever you plan to visit the region. 

How many days are sufficient to visit Naran Kaghan?

A 4-day trip is sufficient to visit all the famous tourist spots in Naran Kaghan. If you wish to stay at least 4 days you will have ample time to visit all the places and make memories that will last forever.


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