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Tour To Skardu By Air

Planning a honeymoon tour to Skardu by air?Far in the Northern areas of Pakistan, lies one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, the Majestic Skardu. The perfect embodiment of nature’s perfection, Skardu has a lot to offer to the tourists. Tour to Skardu Valley is a genuine outing in Pakistan which gives you chance to explore beautiful valley of Skardu and surroundings other valleys of Baltistan region of Pakisan. Skardu is the capital of Baltistan which is personification of scenic landscapes, towering mountains, massive glaciers, wilderness, rich Balti culture and beautiful people.
Tour to Skardu By Air is a combination of thrill in Glacial Mountains of Karakorum and Himalaya with a joy exploring rich culture, history and traditions. Skardu is a gateway to extreme north of Pakistan. Route to all major treks and peaks like K2, Broad Peak passes through Skardu.
On top of the list, the first thing to visit in Skardu is the mesmerizing Shangrila Lake, locally known as Lower Kachura Lake and located 20 km from Skardu City. Satpara Lake, another beautiful spot to visit in the Skardu Valley, elevated at 8650 ft., is nothing less than a fairy-tale resort. Khaplu Valley, an ancient state that lies at the base of Karakorum mountain range, is another must-visit during your travel to Skardu. The curvy road towards Khaplu with several trees shades offers travellers with a wonderful view.
Skardu trip can never be completed without visiting the ‘Land of Giants’, the massive Deosai Plains. You’ve often heard about it on social media, or from your friends and family, but just hearing about it and looking at a few pictures of it cannot do justice to the beauty of this place. Places like Shigar, Cold Desert, Blind Lake and Katpana Desert are also one of its own kind in the world.