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  • Tour To Neelum Valley

Whenever someone talks to Kashmir, first valley that comes to mind is Neelum valley. If you are on a Tour To Neelum Valley then you should not forget to visit following parts of Neelum Valley.

  • Keran
  • Upper Neelum Valley
  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Baboon Valley
  • Sharda
  • Kel
  • Arrang Kel
  • Taobutt

Tour to neelum valley will not be an easy task as far as facilities and infrastructure is concerned. But if you love to adventure then Neelum valley is for you. Road till Keran is well maintained, you can do the driving easily but once you crossed Keran and moves up for the Sharda then real test starts of your driving. It takes 2.5 hours drive from Muzaffarabad(Capital of Azad Kashmir) to get to Keran. It should be your first stop either your started journey from Lahore or Islamabad.

At keran you will find some of the best rated hotels of Neelum Valley. From Keran you can decide your next destination. You will have access to Baboon Valley and Ratti Gali lake, you can also visit to Sharda, Kel and Arrang Kel and then come back to your hotel at Keran.

If you are on tour to Neelum valley for the first time. Then i believe you should ask the services of some travel agencies. They know how to make, manage and execute the plans but you can ask the locals to guide you as well. From Keran to Dawarian it takes only 20 mins to get there but from Dawaria to Ratti Gali lake you need jeep to drop you on the basecamp of Ratti Gali lake. This is going be the one adventure for you because the jeep drive is not easy at all. Furthermore you will find villi jeeps at Dawarian, there is no other option available until or unless you have not booked some better option from Muzaffarabad for your trip to Neelum valley.
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