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  • Honeymoon Tour To Swat

Honeymoon Tour To Swat

Honeymoon Tour To Swat, this is what you are planning for this summer? Swat is said to be the Switzerland of Pakistan. Once you get there you will witness the beauty of lush green fields, lakes, jungles and beautiful water stream all along with you the moment you enter in Swat valley.
Once you get to Swat, you can plan further either to go to Kalam or Malam Jabba. But this will be pain in the neck, so i would suggest you to plan your Honeymoon Tour To Swat before you leave your hometown. In Swat you can enjoy with Trout fish.

Mohodand Lake Near Kalam

Swat has many lakes to offer but most famous lake that you can visit easily without any hassle is Mohodand lake. To do that first you need to reach Kalam and travel from Swat to Kalam will hardly take 4 hours. Once you are in Kalam you can hire any 4*4 jeep to take you to beautiful Mohodand Lake. This lake is heavnly beautiful and you won`t be able to take your eyes off from the lake.
Another lake which you can visit is Kandol lake. But to get to Kandol lake you have to be super fit. It takes 2.5 hours of jeep ride and then 3 hours of hiking to get to the Kandol lake. This lake is in 10 beautiful lakes.

Malam Jabba Skiing Resort

Malam Jabba is another option if you are on Honeymoon Tour To Swat. After visiting Kalam and Mohodand lake you can plan your trip to beautiful hill station called Malam Jabba. It is famous for its skiing but as you all know skiing is only possible in winter. So you will have to make sure that you are there in winter season. Though winter season can be pain in neck but it will give you lots of entertainment.